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Orlando’s Come Out With Pride 2016

Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation is excited to participate at Orlando’s Come Out with Pride event that has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 12th, 2016 at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. We’ll be there to answer questions about surrogacy and egg donation.  Come by and see us!

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BREAKING NEWS! The 12th annual Come Out With Pride festival, postponed due to the impact of Hurricane Matthew, has been rescheduled to Saturday, November 12 at Lake Eola Park. A full revised schedule of activities and entertainment will be released soon.

With a new date set, the LGBTQ+ community and allies will have the opportunity to unite together in strength and love five months following the tragedy at Pulse nightclub. The production team is committed to ensuring that the Most Colorful Parade, Pride Marketplace, and Fireworks continue as planned; ticket holders for the new Taste of Pride and the VIP Experience will have their entitlements transferred to the new date.

Woman To Woman

Open Arms Consultants was featured in Woman to Woman Magazine in their December of 2005 Issue.

“It is no wonder that couples put their trust in Souad Dreyfus when needing an egg donor or a surrogate to become parents. When I met Souad for the first time, she instantly put me at ease without the thought of trying to do so.” – Leslie Allen

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Dr. Robyn show

Souad Dreyfus, Director of Open Arms Consultants, was a guest on Dr. Robyn show on June 14,2006. She talked about the physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of egg donation and surrogacy.

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Bay 9 News

Open Arms Consultants was interviewed by Bay 9 News, in 2007. Report by Kathryn Simmons.

Infertility Consultant, Souad Dreyfus of Open Arms Consultants was interviewed by Bay News 9, Wednesday 13th of 2007 and discussed egg donation as one of the options available for fertility patients today, and its process and the leading cause of infertility as well. Report by Kathryn Simmons.

Tampa Bay News (St. Pete Times)

Camille C. Spencer interviewed Souad Dreyfus of open Arms Consultants for the St. Pete Times in November of 2007 regarding egg donation.

Souad Dreyfus commented on the recruiting of egg donors and the reason available egg donors far exceed available surrogate mothers.

Tampa Tribune

Open Arms Consultants was featured at the Tampa Tribune article: ‘Birth Mom Breaks New Ground’, by Jan Hollingsworth. Published July 16, 2008.

PLANT CITY -­- …A Plant City woman delivered last month on behalf of a South Florida couple. Ashley Alice and Lucas Edwin Newman arrived June 3 at South Florida Baptist Hospital. Officials there said it is the first time a surrogate mother has given birth at the facility. Technically, Tonya Browning, 33, was not a surrogate, but a “gestational carrier” whose womb nurtured the embryos…read full article

Lowcountry Live

Open Arms Consultants founder, Souad Dreyfus, was interviewed along with lawyer Robert Terenzio on Lowcountry Live in Charleston, SC in March of 2011.

In the interview, Souad discussed some of the main causes of infertility and the alternatives available in order to conceive. Robert discussed the importance of protecting yourself by having legal contracts with any service used to aid in pregnancy… view video

Surrogacy in Chile

Open Arms Consultants was featured in a Chilean Magazine Latercera on May 28th, 2011 discussing surrogacy and the legal restrictions that Chile has on it…

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France 2 TV

Open Arms Consultants was featured on the France2 TV news show to talk about surrogacy in France. The evening newscast, which was watched by 7 million in France, Switzerland, as well as 22 million others around the world on TV5…ALL 3 surrogates featured Autumn, Michelle and Angela are part of Open Arms surrogacy program. View video


In recent years, many agencies have reported an increase in interest from potential donors, attributed to both the economy, and –- as suggested by Souad Dreyfus, founder and director of Open Arms Consultants in Bradenton, FL –- the improved awareness of egg donation thanks to scientific breakthroughs and media coverage… read full article

SCENE Magazine – Women on the SCENE

Souad Dreyfus, director of Open Arms Consultants, was featured in the 2012 SCENE magazine special issue, Women on the SCENE.


“As the mother of two young children, Souad Dreyfus understands the desire for a family.  She is well versed in the medical and financial aspects of in vitro fertilization, egg donation and surrogacy as well as vital legal considerations to ensure couples understand their options and that their interests are protected.”


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Photos from Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation's post Here are a couple of photos of our Telemundo interview. We'll have the entire episode to share with you soon, if you missed it!
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Open Arms on Telemundo We are thrilled to share that Open Arms will be featured on Telemundo this evening! Tune in at 5pm to see an interview with Souad and Laura, one of our Intended Parents, and one of our surrogates. You can also ...
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After 13 years, $500,000 IVF treatment and 15 miscarriages, couple opt for surrogacy After 13 years, 15 miscarriages, and over $500k in treatments, this couple opted for surrogacy.
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Same Sex Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency - We Can Help Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation has been working with same-sex parents since 2003. As laws and regulations have changed over the years across the U.S., Open Arms has been right there making sure our LGBT parents have everything they ...
Thank you for serving our country. Happy Veterans Day.
How To Become A Surrogate - Open Arms Surrogacy Agency "It all started with a chat, one made decision and a lot of reading, searching, and questions. Later on, a twelve hour flight and a six hour drive for the first appointment with the staff of OAC. All of them ...
The Utah Supreme Court Considers Surrogacy Law Challenge - Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation The Utah supreme court is currently reviewing a challenge to current #surrogacy laws.
There is nothing simple about reproductive law, especially when it comes to gestational surrogacy. Each state in America defines its surrogacy laws differently, and now a married ...
Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night. Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday morning!
How Choosy Should You Be? - Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation How choosy should you be about choosing a surrogate mother? It's up to you.
If you’re currently involved in or considering jumping into the surrogacy process, you’ll notice that there are many important decisions to be made before a precious ...
Photos from Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation's post Happy Halloween From All Of Us At Open Arms!
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Karan Johar becomes father of twins through surrogacy Celebrity filmmaker Karan Johar is now the father of twins! #surrogacy
Celebrated filmmaker Karan Johar recently announced his parenthood with his newly born twin kids Yash and Roohi through Surrogacy
‘The both of us are his daddies’: Three surrogacy stories Despite legal turmoil in Ireland, gay couples are still working to create their own families via surrogacy.
Legal uncertainty in Ireland has not stopped couples going abroad to create longed-for families
Mom Shares Emotional Surrogacy Story After Tragedy After a series of tragedies Austin-Rivas became a mother thanks to surrogacy.
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Kim Kardashian breaks her silence over surrogacy amid claims she's chosen 'married college graduate' to... Kim Kardashian has recently broken her silence over surrogacy claims; but only to say she's not ready to talk about it.
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Open Arms is also a professional member of ASRM, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine. This incredible organization is dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine, advocating on behalf of patients, physicians, and health care ...
Unique Differences for Young Women with Breast Cancer Women preparing to undergo breast cancer treatment need to be properly educated about how treatment may impact fertility and what their options are for the future.
Learn about the unique issues young women with breast cancer face including early menopause, ...
We at Open Arms are proud to be professional members of RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association. RESOLVE works to empower couples struggling with infertility by empowering them with knowledge, community support, and advocates. You can learn more about RESOLVE at ...
According to the CDC, 1 in 8 couples struggles to build a family. That's 15% of American couples, with no discrimination based on any other socioeconomic factor.

Our goal is to help each and every one build the family they'll ...
Having a strong support network is critical when you are struggling with infertility; yet sometimes they don't really know what to say or how to help. This guide from Resolve may help.
Surrogacy 101

Understanding the laws pertaining to surrogacy in your area is critical. Working with an agency like Open Arms will ensure you're guided in the right direction!
Photos from Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation's post Big day in the office! Telemundo here talking to Souad & one of our 3x Experienced Surrogates, Hannah. Stay tuned for updates and when you can watch the interview!
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Same Sex Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency - We Can Help Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation has been working with same-sex parents since 2003. As laws and regulations have changed over the years across the U.S., Open Arms has been right there making sure our LGBT parents have everything they ...
How To Become A Surrogate - Open Arms Surrogacy Agency "I knew for years that I wanted to be a surrogate, but my first experience was nothing like what I was hoping for. I matched independently, had a very tumultuous relationship with the intended parents as we got closer to ...
Our thoughts and prayers are with Las Vegas.
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Extreme Surrogacy Nightmare Heads To Iowa Supreme Court This is a disturbing tale, but one that highlights why it is so important to work with an established agency when you are looking for egg donors or surrogates. Please call us if you are ready to start building your ...

A Way to Make Eggs?

We recently read an article and posted it some of you may have seen it. The topic was on a recent breakthrough with lab mice showing that they may now have the ability to create human ova. It is [...]

We’ve been so busy this past year we’ve forgotten to update our blog! To catch you up, below are the births we had 2011: · Vicente was born on March 1st at 8:00 PM weighing 7lbs 9 oz. [...]

Happy Labor Day!

I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living.~John D. Rockefeller Mrs. Souad [...]

Open Arms Consultants~Summer Births~ We have had a great summer filled with precious babies. Below are some of our special summer deliveries! Beautiful Twins Born June 29, 2010 Baby O (Boy) 7 lbs [...]

The Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy involves potential risks associated with pregnancy as well as any medical processes required. It is the responsibility of the surrogate to understand and investigate any and all risks, [...]

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