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Open Arms offers complete care, guidance, and experience through every step towards becoming a parent. From finding your egg donor or surrogate mother to working with fertility clinics and specialists, we are here…with Open Arms.

Become An Egg Donor


Open Arms is accepting applications from potential egg donors throughout the United States. For responsible, loving, healthy, and mature young women who wish to be considered as possible egg donors, we offer at least $6,000 for your time and efforts.

Become A Surrogate Mother


As an Open Arms surrogate mother, you will have the support of a full team, by your side every step of the way. We are always with you and will strive to make this pregnancy incredibly rewarding.  You can earn up to $50,000 compensation for your generosity.

Why Choose Open Arms?

Being experts in the complex world of assisted reproduction since 2003, we understand the journey of creating a family and strive to make it as smooth and convenient as possible. We offer our intended parents a highly competent team comprised of diverse backgrounds and varied expertise. Together we present all of the skills needed to successfully navigate the complicated worlds of surrogacy and/or egg donation. You have questions, we have the answers. Schedule your consultation with one of our experienced coordinators to get the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

We are members of RESOLVE and ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine)


  • It all started with a chat, one made decision and a lot of reading, searching, and questions. Later on, a twelve hour flight and a six hour drive for the first appointment with the staff of OAC. All of them were very helpful and understood the incredible load of doubts we were carrying. Being parents was such a big dream that wanted to team with the best. And so we did. Every advice, suggestion and answer had always professional side but also a human one. We went through a long long path guided by Nella Vera, who was a lighthouse in our way. She took care of everything, the fertility clinic, the surrogate, the hospital and whatever else the process needed. Couldn´t be possible without her. When we decided to start working with OAC, somebody told us “You have the dream team complete”. Today, with our hearts full of happiness, blessed by our twins, we are sure that the expression was true. Our endless thanks to Nella and the staff of OAC for their work, patience, effort, and for being with us whenever we needed.

    Elizabeth & Marcos from Argentina INTENDED PARENTS
  • I've had the opportunity twice to help sets of parents to start a family. I am beyond happy and blessed that I could help a family fulfill their wishes and making their dreams come true! Open Arms is such a great facility to work with!

    Dream Come True EGG DONOR
  • En el largo y penoso camino que las parejas con infertilidad deben recorrer en busqueda de un hijo, encontrar a alguien como Souad Dreyfus y su equipo de Open Arms Consultants es una bendicion. El apoyo y servicio que la agencia brinda no solo es de primer nivel profesional, tambien es de un calor humano excepcional. Esto es de mayor importancia cuando pacientes tienen que hacer un tratamiento estando a miles de kilometros de distancia. El permanente contacto a traves de correo electronico, llamadas telefonicas y videoconferencia hace que mis pacientes en el extranjero tengan una tranquilidad dificil de lograr con otras agencias. Los pocos inconvenientes que hemos encontrado, han sido solucionados de manera satisfactoria por el equipo de OAC . El agradecimiento de mis pacientes a Souad y su equipo es la mejor manera de comprobar que la eleccion de trabajar junto a ellos es la decision correcta.
      Dr. Fernando M. Akerman, M.D; F.A.C.O.G. Fertility and IVF Center of Miami

    Dr. Fernando M. Akerman, M.D PROFESSIONAL
  • Being a surrogate was very rewarding for me. I had the two most wonderful parents I could have hoped for. I am blessed that they chose me to carry their bundles of joy. Open Arms Consultants is a blessing and a wonderful company. I will forever remember and love the families I've met on their journey to becoming parents, and thank you from my whole heart for allowing me and my family to join you along the way.

    Melissa SURROGATE
  • Hi Julie, Now that the dust has settled and we have settled back in home, we wanted to send you an email to thank you for everything you did for us. As you know it was some journey. There were so many times we thought it was over, so many times we thought about not going any further and so many times we were given some hope only to have that hope dashed. As you know we had been on a long journey well before we got in contact with Open Arms and you. This had been going on for years and years, and then another three years with you. Its all seemed so long and painful at the time, but now when we look back, its all forgotten. We now have what we always dreamed of, our little Aisling. She is great, such a calm, quiet baby. Eats well, is in full health and believe it or not she sleeps right through most nights. We couldn't have asked for a better baby. She is of course the centre of attention of both families, our house has never been so busy with family, friends and neighbours calling all the time to see her. We will send on a few photos in the next day or two. So all we want to do is to say thank you and all the team at Open Arms so so much for all you did for us, you kept us going in the dark days and now we would like to share the good days with you. We promise to keep in touch and keep you updated. And also if you have any other couples from this side of the world who need to talk about going through this then we are happy to help out, always nice to give back a little. Thanks again and chat soon Jean, Jonathan and Aisling

    Jonathan & Jean
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