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Women choose to become surrogates for endless reasons. The decision to become a surrogate for another woman includes many life changes in your own world, yet nonetheless offers the opportunity to accomplish many goals in your life. Do not make the decision to become a surrogate without first weighing the pros and cons and the effects that it will have on your own life. In the meantime, check out our list of 10 top reasons women choose to become surrogates -a decision we’re confident you’ll be happy that you made after seeing the happiness you’ve created for someone else.


1. Give Life

A woman has the amazing power to create another human life within her body. It is an absolutely amazing experience as a baby grows inside of you for nine months. It is nothing short of a miracle. Sadly, some women and couples are unable to have a child for one reason or another. As a surrogate, these individuals have the opportunities to raise the families they long for. It gives you a warm, cozy feeling inside knowing that you’re responsible for so much happiness and so many miracles during this event. The more you learn about how to become a surrogate, the more you will understand the benefits for you and the family.


2. Earn Money

Becoming a surrogate is such a generous decision and sacrifice that families pay you for providing them with the miracle of life and a newborn baby. The amount of money that a woman can earn serving as a surrogate varies, although it’s never chump change. The best surrogate agencies always generously compensate their clients. The money paid to you to become a surrogate is yours to use however you want. Many people use the money to put a down payment on a house or even by a car or start their own business. There’s endless opportunity for every woman who dedicates herself to becoming a surrogate mother.


3. Enjoy Pregnancy

Some women tell horror stories during their pregnancy. The idea of bearing a baby again is treacherous after their traumatic pregnancy or delivery. Many of these women seek surrogates. If you enjoy that pregnancy glow, the happiness and other perks offered during pregnancy, you get the opportunity to enjoy it without the commitment of raising a child.


4. Lend a Helping Hand

Women who are unable to have children desperately want families. The chance to become a mother is an amazing experience that every woman who wants it should have. Sadly, medical conditions and other concerns sometimes prevent that. Surrogates lend a helping hand to such women and couples so they, too, can experience the majesty and joy that comes only when you raise a child.

5. Rewarding for Everyone

Helping another woman or family have a child creates a rewarding feeling inside your own heart and mind. Surrogates create happiness abound for everyone involved, including themselves. When you know that you have made a difference in the lives of others, it really feels great and provides a positive perspective on life. The rewards of becoming a surrogate are met by the financial gains, giving many reasons to smile.

6. Access to Healthcare

Another benefit surrogate mothers receive is healthcare from the very moment they join the board with an agency. Your good health ensures the good health and healthy delivery of a bouncing baby boy or girl. Nothing is more important. Surrogate agencies ensure their surrogate mothers receive all of the healthcare they need. The care isn’t limited to obstetrics and gynecology. Total health is of utmost importance during pregnancy. You’ll get the care that you need to stay healthy.

7. Become a Role Model

Although becoming a role model for other women may not be a part of your plans, once you make the decision to become a surrogate, things fall into place and it simply happens. You are a role model in every respect of the word and deserve to be honored as such. You’ve made a big decision that changes everyone’s life, but for the better. Choosing to become a surrogate is inspirational for other women who may feel it in their hearts to take the same measures and become surrogates.

8. Form a Bond

When you give life for another woman or couple, you form a lifelong bond and friendship with the person or the couple whom you’ve done such an amazing deed to help. They’re so grateful for your generosity and want you to know this. This bond created between a surrogate and the new parents is unlike any other relationship that you will ever have and certainly fills your heart with a magnitude of joy and love. You will never find a bond that is special and meaningful as that between a surrogate and the new parents.

9. Pregnancy Support

Apart from medical care, surrogate mothers receive support from the new parents and the surrogate agency. Pregnancy sometimes has a way of causing a woman to become emotional at times. She may have questions or even second guess her decisions. The support available to a surrogate ensures that she is always comfortable, always healthy, and always educated and confident in her choices.

10. Be Unique

More than 3.79 million births each year in the U.S., only about 18,500 of them are delivered via a surrogate. This fact proves the need for caring, compassionate women willing to open their mind, body, and heart to give life to a beautiful baby. Once you learn more on how to become a surrogate, you take a role that most people never have the opportunity to appreciate. It is a phenomenal story that you can share with friends and family for the rest of your life and more than likely, never hear someone reply with ‘me too.’

The list of reasons to become a surrogate do not stop with the 10 listed above. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of becoming a surrogate and make the right decision today. For more info on how to become a surrogate, contact us today to learn more.


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