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5 Questions……
“We have clients from Portugal”
Director of Open Arms Consultants

*What kind of people search for your agency?

We have clients from all over the world including Intended Parents from Portugal, Norway and Denmark. In these countries, surrogacy is illegal and, therefore, these people come to us for help.
*Is it possible for your clients to remain isolated from the surrogate mother?
I don’t believe in anonymous surrogacy and I don’t think it should be offered if the surrogate mother is carrying your baby for nine months, you should knoweverything about her and vice versa. You should be involved as: attendthe embryo transfer, the first ultrasound, the OB visits and, of course, thingsare different when talking about international couples. We always follow up and keep close contact with surrogate mother on behalf of the intended parents, keeping them informed via phone, e-mails, pictures and videos.
*Is it possible to stop the process at any time?
Before the pregnancy takes place, yes, it is possible to stop the process. Once the surrogate mother becomes pregnant, then, it is a little harder. Special health circumstances imply in an abortion. Once one commits to the process and becomes pregnant, it must be carried out to the end.
*Are many single people that resort to this process? Why?

Yes, there are many single fathers and mothers with emotional and financial stability who resort to this method of conception, as they are tired of circumstantial dates, that have no yet found the ideal partner, or that simply do not wish to be married just to have a child.

*How much does this process cost?

The whole process can reach up to €100.000. The amount can vary if the parents are from abroad.

(This article was run in the News Diary on July 7th, 2010. It was originally in Portuguese and has been translated into English.)


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