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Learning to become a surrogate takes a lot of time. The process is also complicated. In many cases, by the time you become one, you will have created your own family. It is not easy to explain how you became a surrogate, especially to your kids. However, your kids might be interested in knowing the whole process and the plans involved. Do you want them to know how you achieved this profession? Then, don’t worry because we will share a few tips on how to explain surrogacy to them. Keep reading to know more. But, it might not be easy to involve them from the first step to last because you might get engaged elsewhere or get pregnant. This might limit the time you spend with your kids. In such a case, look for a friend who is taking his or her kids through the process. Let your kids learn the process as you wait to give birth. But, all kids do not understand the process easily. Regardless of their age, maturity, or gender, take them through from the introductory part. Once you confirm the pregnancy, you can give them a thorough explanation as they will have known the basics.

Below, we will share a few tips you can use as an introductory in the surrogacy process or how to become a surrogate. Let’s get started.

Regardless of your age, search for kids books that talk about surrogacy or other family’s building-related content. Such resources can give you ideas on how to approach your kids gently when explaining to them the whole process. This is essential because it might be hard to make your kids digest the whole process. But with a boot, they might reflect the situation easily. Do not be afraid to ask them whether they would mind if you decide to help another family have a baby in the future. This is important because some kids might get emotional, jealous, while others are excited.

• If they all agree on that, look for a perfect family. Share the pictures of the family you have chosen to help get a baby to your kids. Do not be afraid even to share the most private information on how you will help the mother give birth.
• If your kids are excited about that, ask them to take and deliver the pictures to that family. You can even tell them that you will write a special storybook for that family so that they will never forget.
• Do you want your kids to feel involved in the surrogacy process? Why don’t you ask them to draw the pictures or write the letters you will use in the special book?
• You can ask the intended family whether it can allow your kids to visit them so that they would know where the kid will live. Do you want them to know each other more? Then take them to a dinner party so that they can socialize with the intended family. But make sure you train your kids how to ask questions on the pregnancy and surrogacy. Also, show them how they should respond to queries asked by the intended family.If you follow these steps, it will be easier for your kids to understand everything about how to become a surrogate. This even inspires them, as they see it as a positive lesson. This also makes them bond with the family that will expect the baby.

How Should You Train Your Kids on How to Talk about Surrogacy?

The conversation with your kids about surrogacy should be an honest one. Be transparent. Do not leave some content behind just because they are minors. Make sure you talk about the process at least once per day. So, how do you talk to your kids about how to become a surrogate?

1. Consider Their Age

Even though you should have a transparent conversation about surrogacy with them, age is an important factor to consider. If they are minors, use a language they can understand instead of using overwhelming info as they might get lost in the middle. Explain to them how to choose a safe place for the baby. Let them understand that surrogacy is a special event for every woman.

2. Be Positive and Excited

Do not share the surrogacy process to them if your attitude is worse. Let them embrace the process as positive because kids tend to follow their parents. If you allow them to see the process as a negative, they might be proud of.

3. Listen to Their Views as You Explain to Them about How to Become a Surrogate

Have a mutual conversation. Ask them to ask questions where they get lost. This process is a bit complicated, and if not done correctly, they might not understand it. Allow them to share their feelings, as well.

4. Assure Them Whether You Will Live Together With The Intended Family or Not

Many kids ask their parents whether they intend to keep the baby. If you will live with the family, let them be assured of that. Let them understand that you won’t abandon them to cut their emotional worries.

5. Involve Them in the Surrogacy Process

This event is family-related. If you have kids, don’t leave them behind. Please include them in the process so that they may get a better understanding even though you will have to the majority of work because you will be the surrogate. Allow your kids to feel the impact.

Do you really forget things fast? If you do that, write down your thoughts and guidelines before sharing the surrogacy plan with them so that you may not leave any important step behind on how to become a surrogate.


When taking your kids through the surrogacy process, have an honest conversation regardless of their age or level of maturity. Make sure the conversations keep going on every day. Please answer all the questions they might ask about the process. If you want more information regarding the process, do not be afraid to look for resources. It would be best also if you consult a counsellor first so that you may develop a better plan that truly makes your kids understand the whole process on how to become a surrogate.


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