Our Mission

The mission of Open Arms Surrogacy is to form long-lasting bonds with our ever-growing family while compassionately and successfully delivering on the promise of a rewarding experience.

Today, Open Arms has grown to become one of the leading surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the United States serving families from all over the world. Maintaining its personal and compassionate style, Open Arms is dedicated to building families through the gift of egg donation and surrogacy.

Souad Dreyfus


Souad-headshot2Before Souad Dreyfus founded Open Arms Consultants, Inc., she gained extensive experience working with a fertility specialist on behalf of intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. From the sterile atmosphere of doctor’s offices, she added the dimension of caring, nurturing, and emotional support. Souad has celebrated the many triumphs and joys of creating families, which became the driving focus of Open Arms Consultants. Souad’s warm individuality, professional integrity, and international flair ideally suit her role as founder and director of Open Arms. Her ability to blend compassion with professionalism in every unique situation stems from a strong family background and solid experience in the field.

Souad was raised in Morocco and arrived in the U.S. to attend university in 1998. With dual Moroccan/American citizenship, she speaks fluent English, French, and Arabic. After studying computer networking and business relations in college, she found her niche managing both the business aspects and the egg donation/surrogacy cycle for a local fertility specialist. During this time, she began to nurture the dream of expanding her role and helping bring families together through her own consulting business. In June, 2003, Souad founded Open Arms Consultants, Inc. with the mission of offering intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates the complex services they need in an environment of nurturing and warmth.

Kelly Keller

Director of Operations

Joining the Open Arms family in 2012, Kelly was promoted to Director of Operations in 2016.  Starting in the Intake Department then working briefly as a Cycle Care Coordinator, Kelly worked to create a training program to help make the application and cycle process work with greater ease.  She has put a lot of energy into the development of the website and marketing strategies to best promote Open Arms and it’s mission.

Focused on supporting the coordinators, intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors,  Kelly works to find solutions to the unique challenges that arise throughout each journey.  Whether its streamlining the process, advancing the use of technology, or working on marketing campaigns, Kelly uses her creativity to make Open Arms an easy choice for surrogacy and egg donation.

Her background includes retail management, banking and practice management.  She also has been a licensed Realtor and a certified audio engineer.

When not at Open Arms, Kelly is an avid bowler and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Intended Parent Team

Intended Parent Coordinator Team

Intended Parent Coordinator Team Leader

Laura grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to the United States with her family when she was 16 years old. She completed high school, attended Oxnard College, majoring in Liberal Arts. Later, she went on to earn a Professional Certificate in Interpretation and Translation from the University of California at San Diego.

After she had her two boys, she moved back to Buenos Aires where she worked as an English teacher helping children and professionals learn the language. She worked closely with families, solving problems and helping them understand about the difference in both cultures. Her many years of experience working in Customer Service combined with her ability to understand people from different cultures helps Laura manage the various aspects of the complicated process of surrogacy and egg donation.

As the Intended Parent Coordinator for the Spanish Department, she enjoys helping people around the world make their dream of becoming parents come true.

When she is not at work, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband, her two boys and her beloved dog, Cacho.

Spanish Team

Intended Parent Administrative Coordinator

Born in Mexico,  Fernanda came to the United States with her family when she was 10 years old.   She grew up in Florida and has a previous experience in retail and most recently in the electronic security industry.

Fernanda started with Open Arms in 2016 as an Administrative Coordinator assisting in all egg donor and surrogacy cycles, but then was shifted to working solely with Spanish-speaking Intended Parents.  As the Intended Parent Coordinator, she now works with people from around the world in guiding them through the complicated steps of surrogacy and egg donation.

When not at Open Arms, Fernanda spending time with her husband, Mario, family, friends and especially her dog, Rony.  She plans to return to school to complete her degree in International Business.

Intended Parent Coordinator

Born and educated in La Havana, Cuba, Yanet moved to the United States in 2014 with her family.

She obtained a Bachelor of Law from the University of La Havana and a Master Degree in Business Legal Consultancy from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the professional environment, she has joined the Opens Arms team in 2018 as Intended Parent Coordinator to assist along all the way building families.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and cooking new recipes.

French Team

Intended Parent Coordinator

Maxime grew up in Paris where he studied art at Les Ateliers de Sevre. He moved to the United States in 2011 and has previous experience working in retail management and web design.

He started working at Open Arms as French Intended Parent Coordinator at the beginning of 2017. He helps French speaking Intended Parents from around the world who seek guidance through the process of surrogacy to achieve their dream of building a family.

His personal experience and determination helps him deliver the best service to the future parents, bringing them understanding and confidence in this long and intense journey.

Maxime is married with two children, a son and daughter. In his spare time, he likes to play music, sing, sculpt, travel and spend as much time as he can with his family.

English Team

Intended Parent Coordinator

Karen has an innate sense of care and compassion for other people, especially those who are longing to become parents and have endured loss and heartache along the way.

Karen is passionate about the Intended Parents she works with because she can relate personally to their struggles. In her own story, she has endured infertility and suffered the loss of her son. While it’s not always easy, it makes her heart smile a little more every day to be a part of helping other families become whole.

Karen is so honored and proud to be part of the Open Arm’s mission to create families and make dreams come true.

Karen grew up spending 2-4 hours a day in ballet classes for most of her childhood. She went on to become a ballet teacher and personal trainer for over 20 years. She has also worked as a 911 police dispatcher and has extensive administrative experience.

She spends her free time in the gym, running outside, cooking, and enjoying time with her husband and step-son.

Surrogacy Team

Intake Team

Surrogacy Intake Coordinator

Tiffany is an experienced surrogate, and enjoys helping new surrogates through the process. Her personal experience and experience working in the surrogate program brings a unique level of experience to Open Arms as she selects surrogate candidates and offers support throughout the process.

Tiffany was born and raised in Alabama, but quickly discovered her love for traveling. She studied at Faulkner University in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice. Prior to starting at Open Arms, she has worked in the legal field, and surrogacy recruiting.

She is married with twhree lovely daughters, and one adventurous son. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys traveling with her family, educating others about surrogacy, and sitting on a beach with a great book in hand.

Surrogacy Intake Coordinator

Melissa is incredibly passionate about the work she does in preparing surrogate mother’s for their journey ahead.

As a Surrogacy Intake Coordinator, She is grateful to be able to work with so many amazing women to help make the dream of having a child come true for our wonderful Intended Parents.

A mom herself, she loves connecting with fellow moms to help them realize their potential to make such a remarkable difference in the lives of others.

Melissa was born and raised on the beaches of sunny Florida. She is an artist at heart and looks forward to the quiet moments when she can get her creativity out by laying down some paint on a fresh canvas.

When she isn’t painting in her free time, she is running around outdoors with her Golden Retriever named ‘Link’ and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Surrogacy Intake Coordinator

With her 15 years experience in the counseling field, Kristine brings her ability to connect with others to Open Arms and is excited to help women move through the Surrogacy Intake process.

She graduated from Fredonia State College with a degree in Psychology and earned her Masters degree in Counselor Education from Canisius College in 2003.  She spent 10 years as the Assistant Director for a health education agency that serviced students attending the University at Buffalo.   Most recently, she has spent the last few years as a small business owner offering counseling services focusing on self love and relationships.

Kristine grew up in Syracuse, NY until she moved to the Buffalo, NY area to attend college.  She is married and has 3 lovely daughters who keep her busy.  In her free time, she enjoys working out, skiing, reading, spending time with friends and family, and cuddling with her “other baby,” a South African Mastiff named Barrett.

Surrogacy Cycle Coordinators

Surrogacy Cycle Coordinator - French Team

As a Surrogacy Cycle Coordinator, Cyndi is a renaissance woman who has the right kind of insight and knowledge needed to coordinate and streamline services for surrogates from start to finish. Her belief in the power of gratitude comes from her own experiences with infertility, which allows her to bring an especially warm touch to her role. She can understand the struggles many of our intended parents have endured. She looks forward to the day she is able to start a family of her own.

In her spare time, Cyndi enjoys cooking her late grandmother’s famous family recipes, sharing quality time with friends, meditation, and reading.

Cyndi was excited and grateful to join the Open Arms family in 2018. Born in Mexico, she lived in Texas a short time before her family ultimately settled in Kentucky. Her previous experience is in legal aid work, childcare services, and office administration.

She is thankful for the awesome opportunity to assist families with making their life-changing dreams come true, and it dedicated to paying special attention to the unique needs of each surrogate throughout the process by creating professional and nurturing relationships with them.

Surrogacy Cycle Coordinator - English Team

Summer has always believed family is one of the most important things in life, so it is only fitting that she found a place where she can help make that dream become a reality for those who have turned to Open Arms to grow their family.

She has a lot of compassion and drive to make sure she is delivering the best experience to each Surrogate Mother and each Intended Parent she works with.

Summer is so grateful to be part of a team that is passionate about bettering the lives of others and finds the work she does to help create families incredibly rewarding.

She started her career in customer service and worked her way through college, while raising her daughter, to become a paralegal. Summer has extensive administrative and customer service experience. She has a lot of personal and professional drive to complete her goals and she loves technology.

In her free time, Summer loves to take her daughter and her dog on outdoor adventures. She likes fishing, canoeing, theme parks with roller coasters, and road trips to new places!

Surrogacy Cycle Coordinator - Spanish Team

Ayleen was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and moved to the United States with her family when she was 15. She has lived in Miami and Boston and is fluent in Spanish. Her professional experience includes Property Management, social media marketing and Internet Technology.

Joining the Open Arms team in 2018 as a Surrogacy Cycle Coordinator, Ayleen is eager to help gestational surrogates navigate through the wonderful process of giving intended parents the joy of having a child.

When not at Open Arms, Ayleen enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons, traveling and attending comic conventions.

Egg Donor Team

Egg Donor Intake Coordinator

Born and raised in Sarasota, Dani is very familiar with the area and has no trouble making friends with her bubbly personality. Being very outgoing, Dani enjoys playing sports, traveling and creating new memories with genuine people.

Dani got her Masters of Arts in Education in 2012, and soon worked as Assistant Director of Admissions at a University. After working there for 4 years, she desired something new and went back into the customer service field as a manager. Another skill set Dani has gained from her work experience is advertising and marketing.

Dani started working at Open Arms in 2018 as Donor Cycle Care Coordinator. Her desire to help others is very apparent as she enjoys building a good rapport with each Egg Donor. Her passion for communication and building a solid relationship with new and experience Egg Donors has recently transitioned her role to Intake Coordinator. While Dani’s journey at Open Arms has not been too long, she has proven to be a good addition to our family.

Donor Cycle Coordinator

Rachel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York city with her family when she was 11 years old. She enjoyed growing up in hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, but moved once more with her family to the Sunshine state when she was a junior in college.

In 2016, she graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelors in Biology and minor in Sociology. As an aspiring physician and she is always looking for ways to help others. Open Arms has allowed Rachel to use her compassionate and caring nature to help others reach their most desired dream of having a child. As family has always been one of the most important things in life to Rachel, she is grateful for the opportunity to be able to make meaningful and long-lasting impact in the lives of others.

Rachel has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel. She has even ventured to South America to visit Panama and Honduras. Her favorite work out is boxing and in her free time, she loves to spend quality time with her family and friends.

Cycle Support Team

Medical Billing & Insurance Coordinator

Alicia devotes much of her time energy to working with medical billing and insurance claims and is a welcomed addition to the Open Arms Team.

She likes being able to help our Intended Parents and Surrogates resolve any medical billing issues and ensuring all accounts are cleared before closing escrow accounts. Alicia also works with our surrogates and egg donors in need of health insurance coverage and complication policies.

Alicia enjoys spending time with her family and friends. In her spare time, Alicia loves bike riding through historical parts of Bradenton, cooking, exploring new eateries, working on the set of short films and dancing.

Accounting & Financial Coordinator

Miguel has recently joined the Open Arms team and has moved from his original position as an Intended Parent Coordinator for the English Department to our Accounting Coordinator.
Bilingual in Spanish and English, Miguel studied at the Manatee Technical College of Florida and at the State College of Florida. He has received his Certification in Accounting and is working on getting his bachelor’s soon.

Miguel manages the expense accounts for Open Arms, along with paying our vendors.  He likes being able to help Intended Parents complete their dreams and playing a role in the wonderful acts of kindness from our surrogate mothers and egg donors.

Miguel enjoys spending time with his family and friends. In his spare time, Miguel likes to study, dance to a variety of music, play music on his viola, exercise, & when he gets the chance, travel to see new places.

Intended Parents Testimonials
  • It all started with a chat, one made decision and a lot of reading, searching, and questions. Later on, a twelve hour flight and a six hour drive for the first appointment with the staff of OAC. All of them were very helpful and understood the incredible load of doubts we were carrying. Being parents was such a big dream that wanted to team with the best. And so we did. Every advice, suggestion and answer had always professional side but also a human one. We went through a long long path guided by Nella Vera, who was a lighthouse in our way. She took care of everything, the fertility clinic, the surrogate, the hospital and whatever else the process needed. Couldn´t be possible without her. When we decided to start working with OAC, somebody told us “You have the dream team complete”. Today, with our hearts full of happiness, blessed by our twins, we are sure that the expression was true. Our endless thanks to Nella and the staff of OAC for their work, patience, effort, and for being with us whenever we needed.

    Elizabeth & Marcos from Argentina INTENDED PARENTS

  • We were already in touch with surrogacy agencies before meeting Souad. What surprised us when we talked to her was the incredible human dimension that Open Arms is trying to set up both for intended parents and for the surrogate.


    Open Arms (and Souad) was recommended to us by friends, and we felt a very good connection with the team. When you start a journey like surrogacy, you need to trust the people who will guide you through the process during a whole year, in particular when you live on the other side of the Atlantic. Souad and Julie were with us at each step. They allowed us to meet our amazing surrogate. They lived every good moments with us. They helped us go through our doubts and fears.


    The best testimonial we could give is that if we had to do it again, we would certainly call Open Arms.

    2 dads from France INTENDED PARENTS

  • After a very long medical journey and an attempt for adoption which remained both without success, we looked in building our family using a method we never imagine before; surrogacy.


    After choosing the OpenArms team, this journey was the start of a human journey; voyages and people meetings. The second Nounou and the second Egg donor were the right persons who allow us the achievement of 6 weeks of twin pregnancy today. We do cross our fingers for the rest of the pregnancy.


    We have especially appreciated the quality and the regular communication of this agency which work with excellent medical and attorney teams.

    Miko and Rafaële INTENDED PARENTS

  • I loved working with Souad and Open Arms Consultants. She made the process of choosing the donor so simple, and made the communication between me and the donor so much less stressful than I anticipated. They were on top of everything and I had no worries.

    Tina C: Soon to be mom INTENDED PARENTS

  • My first experience with Souad Heddada-Dreyfus was at a fertility specialist’s office. She worked in the office as the manager’s assistant. It was an awkward time, my wife and I were nervous and skeptical walking into this office and Souad took the tension out of the air. She has a great personality and confidently gets a couple past that first step and very comfortable with the process before them. We are one of the fortunate couples that stuck with the process for over a year and a half and now have our dream sleeping behind me – TWINS ? It was a long tough road of obstacles, from physicals, blood work, procedures, drugs, shots, donors, three failures, and the emotions that went along with them to a 4th successful attempt! The process was an emotional roller coaster. Souad was right there with us every step of the way. I was surprised that with all of the office visits we made she was consistently the rock always believing that we would have a family. Her support really was a key ingredient with us sticking with the program. There was another benefit to this rewarding experience, she is now a friend. I am happy to support this new business of hers. Souad will hold your hand through the difficult process of selecting an egg donor. And, like us maybe you will hear my favorite words out of her mouth – “I told you so”!

    From Richard H., father of twins… INTENDED PARENTS

  • Working with Souad was extremely easy. Souad is very friendly, courteous, professional, and prompt to respond. The complete process was emotionally exhausting, but Souad made it very comfortable for us. Since we stay in a different state, we initially had some concerns about communication. But Souad was very prompt and informative throughout our communication via phone and email. She helped us make a right decision about the donor. Our overall experience with Open Arms Consultants was very good and we would highly recommend them to any other parents to be.

    From: Parents_ToBe INTENDED PARENTS

  • We had tried for several years to start a family and had no success. We thought adoption was our only option until we explored having a surrogate carry our child. I am very happy to say that we are the proud parents of a 5 year old son and expecting our 2nd child in February. We still have several months to go, but we are all excited about expanding our family...our son is hoping for a baby brother. I want to wish all of you the best of luck as you attempt to start a family of your own.

    Michel R: Proud father of two boys INTENDED PARENTS

  • To all of you - Thank you so much to the donors and surrogates - who, in spite of any kind of compensation, have generously given of themselves!!! This is a HUGE deal!! I am thrilled to announce that with an Open Arms donor and an Open Arms surrogate, we are 22 weeks into our first pregnancy and expecting TWIN girls in June!! Our experience could not have been better. Both women who helped us have been gracious, kind, and loving in their approach to this cycle. My husband and I tried solo for 8 years, 8 LONG years of depression, tears, yo-yo moods and misery. Now - we are happily beyond all that and we are just now starting the household preparation. Our surrogate is lowering her work schedule and we are anxious for the big day!!!! Souad Dreyfus has been amazing. She was there every step of the way, smoothing out rough spots and anticipating any necessary effort on her part. Every day, we thank God for her!!!! I will graduate college just weeks before the babies come, and my husband and I will share completely in our miracle. He is even going to be Mr. Mom half-time!! Please - if you have any doubts, know that Souad, and her assistant will do everything in their power to assist you in this very difficult journey. It has all been worth it!! With best wishes for all of you embarking on this exploration: Congratulations and Best of Luck!!

    Elizabeth S: Soon to be mom to twin girls:-) INTENDED PARENTS

  • My wife and I found out that in order to have children we would need an egg donation. We started our search in the internet with a very little knowledge regarding egg donation in the USA (we are not US citizens and we leave 7 time zones away…), and we stumbled upon Souad Dreyfus agency- Openarms consultants. Souad led us through difficult times when we had to choose a donor and conducted the whole procedure from a different continent. She gave us great advices during this time and she took control of coordinating between our fertility clinic and the donor coming from a different state with great success. I can honestly say that Souad put a lot of effort to make everything work and her efforts proved crucial in order to achieve a happy end. I don't know if the results were the same with a different agency… If you are looking for an honest and professional agency as a future parents who need egg donation services – Openarms is yours Today my wife and myself are expecting our first twin children- a boy & a girl, and a huge credit from that belongs to Souad Dreyfus from Openarms agency.

    From Israel: Guy INTENDED PARENTS

  • In September 2006, when I went to the hospital to deliver my first son, I didn't expect any bad thing happen but it did. Because of the complication, I had a partial hysterectomy after an emergency C-section, which took away my chance of natural pregnancy. I was devastated because we love kids and have planned to have lots of kids. Our only choice of having more kids is through surrogate mother.

    After my son turned 2, We started talking to our fertility doctors for treatment. Souad was strongly recommended to us by our doctor. We contacted her in a short while and right away we knew she was the one we are looking for. She was professional,caring and honest plus she always has an answer for everything! Under her unconditional help, we found our surrogate, who is a wonderful person, and became a true friend of us. Now she is 16 weeks pregnant with our twins! We feel so blessed for having Souad. If anyone has any questions, we will be happy to share our story with you.

    Xihui (Miami, FL) INTENDED PARENTS

Surrogate Testimonials
  • I knew for years that I wanted to be a surrogate, but my first experience was nothing like what I was hoping for. I matched independently, had a very tumultuous relationship with the intended parents as we got closer to the birth of their twins, and the journey ended with them choosing to cut off all contact with me at one week postpartum. I stumbled across Open Arms while looking into doing my second surrogacy and knew I had found the right agency! Everyone I spoke to was always warm and friendly, responded promptly to e-mails, and never made me feel like a “uterus for hire” as I initially feared an agency would. During my first conference call with an international couple, P and L, I knew immediately they were my perfect match. Meeting them in person a few months later sealed the deal for us! After about 10 months of dealing with lots of ups and downs with our reproductive endocrinologist, we finally had our first transfer which resulted in a picture perfect twin pregnancy. P and L were there to cuddle them skin to skin after an amazing birth. Our journey had come to a close, but our relationship was far from over! After a month of frequent visits together, it was finally time for them to travel back home. We created lifelong bonds between their family and mine, and my heart fills with joy at every new picture and update I receive from them. This surrogacy journey was absolutely the most fulfilling experience of my life, and I wouldn’t dream of doing another surrogacy in the future without Open Arms!

    SURROGATE My Amazing Journey

  • Being a surrogate was very rewarding for me. I had the two most wonderful parents I could have hoped for.

    I am blessed that they chose me to carry their bundles of joy. Open Arms Consultants is a blessing and a wonderful company.

    I will forever remember and love the families I've met on their journey to becoming parents, and thank you from my whole heart for allowing me and my family to join you along the way.

    Melissa SURROGATE

  • My husband and I started this surrogacy process as many intended parents do: scared, and unsure. After almost a year of research, and interviews, we found open arms. We feel as if we were extremely blessed to have such a team to help us through all our "ridiculous questions". As a surrogate, I can tell you that there was never a problem to small, or a question to "rediculous" that SOUAD wouldn't answer. Through this agency, i have found the perfect couple, been able to deal with the not so perfect lawyer, "only because i didn't have to deal with her!". Thank You SOUAD! Needless to say, I couln't have done this without their guidence! I not only think of SOUAD as an agent, but as a friend, one of my very best. P.S. I am pregnant by a 5 day transfer. Beta count was 23,000 at 2wks. Ultrasound shows one STRONG beatomg heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kristen F Surrogate

  • Open Arms is wonderful, Souad is the reason I chose this agency, she was great from the beggining. She found me the most wonderful couple I could have ever asked for, we have been through some road blocks with the process but she was always there to get us through. I am so glad to have her on my side she knows exactly what she is doing and I will always consider her one of my best friends.

    Allison Surrogate

  • This is my first time doing a surrogacy. It has been a wonderful experience, not only that I am helping to fulfill a dream for someone, but that also I am helping to complete a family. My intended parents have been terrific, and completely opened thier arms to myself and my immediate family. I couldn't have asked for a better agency than Open Arms. My doctor (Dr. Sweet) have been great and it's just been like one great big evolving family! I am thrilled to be doing what I am doing! I am blessed to be working with whom I've been working. Thanks!

    Melissa F Surrogate

  • I can only say EXCELLENT things about Souad and her agency! I recently finished my first surrogacy and it was the greatest experience of my life, next to having my own children. Souad was there every step of the way for guidance, help and a hand to hold. Any time, day or night. She answered all the questions I had and made this experience a truly wonderful one. The process went very smooth and I'm glad I got to experience it. Thanks to Souad....I was able to get a great set of intended parents and give them 2 precious bundles of joy! All my love to you Souad for what you do! You are truly wonderful and one of God's special angels!

    Keri E Surrogate

Egg Donor Testimonials
  • I feel like with you are always are thinking of me.  As a donor,  you helped me get through school financially. I used the money to supplement what I was missing out on by only working part time. So thank you and everyone at open arms for giving me the ability to better myself while helping out other families.

    Experienced Donor EGG DONOR

  • I had a great experience as a donor for Open Arms. Everyone I worked with was great and they made an effort to work with my schedule, by only matching me with parents when it best suited my time. Everyone at the doctors offices were very nice and very supportive. Most importantly, my coordinator at Open Arms was incredibly supportive and helpful every step of the way.

    Great experience helping a family EGG DONOR

  • I've had the opportunity twice to help sets of parents to start a family. I am beyond happy and blessed that I could help a family fulfill their wishes and making their dreams come true! Open Arms is such a great facility to work with!

    Dream Come True EGG DONOR

  • Making the decision to become an egg donor is not one to take lightly. It takes patience, flexibility, commitment and responsibility. In my experience with the staff at Open Arms they have all of the above and more.

    They are there to answer questions, address your concerns and make you feel as comfortable as possible; the process can be long, unpredictable and emotional but easily done with the help of their staff. I have been a donor multiple times and don’t know if I would have done it as often if it were not for the ladies in the Open Arms office.

    I was always made a priority with any type of arrangements and they were always more than accommodating, whether with appointment times, lab draws or travel arrangements they did whatever they could to make it work for me, I would recommend that anyone considering becoming a donor or needing a donor to use Open Arms, we have built a relationship that goes beyond being a donor.


  • I completed a successful egg donation cycle with Open Arms and they truly made the experience as pleasant as possible. I donated from out of town and they handled everything, including transportation and hotel, and then checking on me while I was there. Any questions I had throughout the process they answered. They were always available to offer assistance and they were very quick in responding to me. The experience of donating eggs was extremely rewarding, but can be difficult at times, but I feel it was definitely worth it. I even plan on donating again with Open Arms and I feel it was a wonderful experience and great to know I helped a deserving family.


  • I completed two successful cycles with Souad and they were both incredibly positive. She made the cycles so much easier with her upbeat cheerleading throughout the way. I had a tendency to ask too many questions at times as I was extremely anxious. Her patience was astounding in answering them and allaying all my fears. Souad was always on the ball every time an issue came up. I did not have to worry about the peripheral issues as Souad was very efficient in taking care of everything. It felt as if she was holding my hand and accompanying me throughout the experience. Now looking back, I cannot thank her enough. I felt confident as her donor and would use her expertise if I ever needed a donor myself.

    From Suman: 2X successful donor EGG DONOR

  • Ms. Souad Heddada-Dreyfus is a highly professional, motivated and organized individual. Her dedication and love of her job would be obvious to anyone. Compassionate and warm, Ms. Souad is well suited to the field of fertility, and anyone securing her services has made a very wise choice. Given that I am from Australia, extra organization was needed so that I could donate. Ms. Souad expertly handled everything from arranging my flight and accommodation, to ensuring that I was well fed and entertained during my visit. I never once felt insecure, despite coming on my own from so far away. Ms. Souad made herself completely available to offer any assistance I needed. The experience of donating eggs, while very worthwhile and rewarding, can nonetheless be challenging and at times even difficult. As such, the emotional support that I received from Ms. Souad throughout the process was invaluable. Ms. Souad ensured that I felt safe and comfortable at all times. And her interest in the well being of donors certainly does not cease after retrieval. Ms. Souad has remained in contact with me, and it is in large part thanks to her that I am confident that I will continue to donate and help intending parents in this special way.

    From Australia Lisa L. successful egg donor… EGG DONOR

  • I just wanted to say that donating through your agency has been one of the greatest experiances, The parents I worked with are now able to fulfill their dreams of parenthood, and I get to live the rest of my life with the knoledge that I HELPED CREATE THAT!! Also the parents and I have started a "friendship" and she is allowing me to know first hand the impact this and I have made on their life..Thats the most amazing indescribable feeling...And if it were not for Open arms and Saoud, this would not have been possible... I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to extend myself, and in the end, I was deeply touched ...To all of you out there weather it be, Hopeful parents, donors or Surrogates, This is a wonderful thing we are all doing for one another, out of love...God Bless you all and may all your hearts desires become fulfilled..=)

    From Kristen: Successful donor EGG DONOR

Professionals Testimonials
  • En el largo y penoso camino que las parejas con infertilidad deben recorrer en busqueda de un hijo, encontrar a alguien como Souad Dreyfus y su equipo de Open Arms Consultants es una bendicion.

    El apoyo y servicio que la agencia brinda no solo es de primer nivel profesional, tambien es de un calor humano excepcional. Esto es de mayor importancia cuando pacientes tienen que hacer un tratamiento estando a miles de kilometros de distancia.

    El permanente contacto a traves de correo electronico, llamadas telefonicas y videoconferencia hace que mis pacientes en el extranjero tengan una tranquilidad dificil de lograr con otras agencias.

    Los pocos inconvenientes que hemos encontrado, han sido solucionados de manera satisfactoria por el equipo de OAC . El agradecimiento de mis pacientes a Souad y su equipo es la mejor manera de comprobar que la eleccion de trabajar junto a ellos es la decision correcta.


    Dr. Fernando M. Akerman, M.D; F.A.C.O.G.

    Fertility and IVF Center of Miami
    Dr. Fernando M. Akerman, M.D PROFESSIONAL

  • I have been working with Souad since she started Open Arms. She has always treated the IPs and donors/surrogates fairly. She has always been very easy to contact, whether by phone or email. I have heard good feedback from all of her donors and surrogates as far as smoothly handling the cycle, prompt payments, and answering all questions. I highly recommend her program.


    Douglas Devlin

    Attorney At Law
    From attorney: Douglas Devlin PROFESSIONAL

  • I have, as an attorney in Florida, been involved in surrogacy law for over 9 years and have had an opportunity to work with many agencies, companies, consultants and other professional in many fields. I am proud to say that one of these professionals has been Souad Dreyfus of Open Arms Consultants. Working with parents facing challenges in expanding their family (after years of struggling with infertility) and surrogates is a delicate task. I have found Souad to be sensitive, caring and patient will all the parties she has worked with. From my perspective as a legal professional I have found her assistance to be invaluable which has made my task easier and more enjoyable. There are several other professional offering her type of services and I am proud to acknowledge that she is among the best. I look forward to working with her in the future in helping other families make their dreams come true.


    Harold S. Eskin, Esq.

    Attorney At Law
    From: Harold S. Eskin, Esq. PROFESSIONAL

  • I have worked with Souad and Open Arms Agency as a Reproductive Attorney for many years now. She is always professional and honest in our dealings. Just as important, my clients, Carriers and Intended Parents alike, happily report that Souad offers expert guidance in a supportive and empathetic manner.


    Robert T. Terenzio

    Attorney At Law
    Attorney: Robert T. Terenzio PROFESSIONAL

  • I have had the opportunity to work with Souad Dreyfus and Open Arms Consultants for the past several years in the capacity of mental health counseling. As a licensed counselor, I meet with potential intended parents, donors and surrogates, to help them negotiate the emotional ups and downs of this process. Because I experienced infertility myself, I realize the frustration couples go through, after repeated failed attempts. That has given me a passion for helping others find hope and success. In Souad Dreyfus, I have found a similar passion. She is committed, honest and responsive. Her clients always say they feel well cared for.


    Kathy Fountain Robertson, M.S., LMHC

    Kathy Fountain Robertson, M.S., LMHC PROFESSIONAL

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