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Thanks to the rise in alternative fertility practices such as surrogacy and IVF, the standard six weeks of maternity leave can no longer meet the needs of all company employees across the nation. High profile brands like Pinterest have become trailblazers for companies willing to offer alternative fertility benefits that accommodate employees who cannot experience pregnancy in the traditional way.

Pinterest caught everybody’s attention in 2016 when it increased its IVF coverage up to $20,000, and now in 2018 it plans to cover up to four rounds of IVF per employee with no dollar limit. Pinterest is definitely not alone, either. Employers ranging from Facebook and Spotify to Johns Hopkins and Chanel now offer very generous fertility benefits that are expanding into surrogacy coverage as well.

This trend is a product of a strong economy, which affords employees more choice about where to work. In an effort to attract and retain the very best workers in the market, employers are increasingly willing to offer comprehensive fertility benefits. This is an exciting and long overdue evolution of the way that companies address the maternity and paternity needs of their employees!

According to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, employees have a much higher rate of satisfaction with their employer if fertility benefits are offered, compared to employers who do not offer such benefits. As companies continue to make changes, four times as many employees believe their employers are meeting the needs of today’s modern families. More than double the amount of employees also now believe their employers listen to their needs. For some employees who could not afford IVF, adoption, or surrogacy on their own, these fertility benefits are one of the sole reasons they remain employed with their positions!

Microsoft is one example of company beefing up its benefits this year in an effort to keep in stride with competitors. Rather than the fixed amount of $15,000 for fertility benefits, Microsoft now offers a flexible plan that works with a fertility benefits manager to offer up to three treatment cycles of IVF. The benefit includes genetic testing and the freezing of eggs or embryos for up to four years. This makes it possible for gay couples and single mothers to take advantage of surrogacy options, rather than limiting the benefits strictly to infertile heterosexual couples.

For employees who do not yet have these revolutionary fertility benefits available through their employers, it is possible to lobby human resource departments to offer coverage. Several nonprofit groups even offer grant programs to help couples who cannot afford treatments themselves.

Employees taking advantage of fertility benefits need support and guidance from professionals who can make the surrogacy and egg donations processes as comfortable, enjoyable, and successful as possible. Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation, located in Bradenton, Florida, offers complete care, guidance, and experience through every step towards becoming a parent. Call (941) 741-4994 today to learn more!


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