At Open Arms, we understand completely what it takes to arrange, manage, nurture, and successfully complete the surrogate process from beginning to end. We make it as comfortable as possible for all parties involved.

We’ll act as a third-party communicator between you and your chosen surrogate, offering support and guidance throughout the process. If needed, we’ll refer you to successful fertility specialists, reputable reproductive attorneys and dedicated escrow agents. We’ll help your surrogate schedule medical and psychological screenings, understand financial considerations, and complete legal contracts. We’ll review insurance options that will best serve both you and your surrogate mother.  We’ll act as liaisons between you and your selected surrogate to give you the best experience with the least amount of stress.

What We Do

  • Work to find you your ideal surrogate mother. Through our screening process with our surrogate mothers and getting to know you, we present possible profiles that we feel will be your “best fit”.
  • Facilitate an in-person or video conference for you to meet your potential surrogate mother and allow you to decide if she is the one for you.
  • Act as a third party communicator between you and your chosen surrogate mother
  • Refer you to reputable fertility specialists and reproductive attorneys, and licensed and bonded escrow agents, if requested
    Work with your surrogate mother to schedule medical and psychological evaluations, understand financial considerations, and complete legal contracts.
  • Be present for embryo transfers, ultra sounds and births if requested.
  • Work with financial and billing departments to help manage insurance claims and medical payments
  • Arrange for consultation with our insurance professional to discuss insurance options
  • Connect with the hospital and social worker/case management prior to the birth to assure all goes well the day of the delivery.

The mission of Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation is to form long-lasting bonds with our ever-growing family while compassionately and successfully delivering on the promise of a rewarding experience.

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