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The concept of surrogacy is quickly becoming popular around the world. In basic terms, it is considered the gift of giving. Thanks to the selfless intent of surrogates everywhere, intended parents are given the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Other than the extraordinary experience, what’s in for the surrogate? Are there any advantages or benefits associated with being a surrogate?


Surrogacy can prove to be both emotionally and physically demanding in many ways. Undeniably, it takes a lot to become a surrogate. Here are some of the perks that make this journey and experience worth it:


Great Health Services


Throughout the course of the pregnancy, all of the surrogate’s health-related expenses are catered to and reimbursed by the intended parents. In addition, the surrogate enjoys top-notch services throughout and after the pregnancy, such as counseling sessions and proper healthcare.


Enjoy Legal Protection


Regardless of the relationship between the surrogate and the intended parents, a legal contract protects both parties. Legal contracts define the responsibilities and obligations of both parties toward each other and the baby. These contracts also reinforce the fact that the surrogate is not responsible for the baby after birth.


Financial Compensation


Couples are often more than willing to offer handsome financial compensation to women who are willing to become surrogates for them. With a gross compensation of up to $50,000, gestational carriers can quickly reach their personal financial goals, such as paying off debt, covering educational expenses, or buying property.


Experience the Joys of Pregnancy


For many women, pregnancy is a journey that they enjoy immensely, and they would not mind having the experience multiple times. To become a surrogate, you are required to have given birth in the past. As such, being a gestational carrier for a couple allows you to experience pregnancy once more without the responsibilities of motherhood or raising the baby.


Expand Your Circles and Broaden Your Connections


During the surrogacy process, the carrier becomes part of a community of women with similar experiences. To become a surrogate, one must be verified through medical screenings, background checks, and psychological evaluations. In addition, potentials and surrogates get to interact with each other at different stages of their pregnancy. It creates an encouraging, supportive, and fun environment for everyone involved. Aside from a support structure, surrogates have the opportunity to expand their circles by fostering relationships with people they interact with during the process, such as mentors from the agency.


Feel an Intense Sense of Fulfillment


There are several couples out there who find that they are incapable of having children for one reason or another. The opportunity to be part of the solution in such circumstances offers a deep sense of fulfillment and achievement. It is great to feel empowered to help other people find joy and happiness. In most cases, women who choose to become surrogates are compassionate and empathetic people who feel compelled to help others.


Form New Relationships


As a carrier, you get to enjoy close relationships with the intended parents with whom you match. During the pregnancy, both parties often spend a lot of time together, making plans and socializing with each other. Even though most times this relationship is formal, there are some surrogates who form a deep intimate bond with the parents.


New Medical Experiences


To become a surrogate means you will go through new medical experiences and procedures. This is because you will not get pregnant the natural way. Other than the In Vitro Fertilization procedure, you get to experience other procedures that wouldn’t occur in normal situations. It is very common in gestational surrogacy where the intended parents wish to share a biological connection with the baby.


Personalized Gifts


Depending on the agency you choose or the couple you match with, you might enjoy a great deal of pampering throughout the pregnancy and birth period. In most cases, the intended parents or the agency will send care packages, gifts and flowers— or pregnancy pillows to ensure you are comfortable and happy.




Aside from the stipulated compensation plans and benefits, you can enjoy pregnancy bonuses if you experience a twin pregnancy, additional IVF procedures, and C-sections. Technically speaking, to become a surrogate means you will be compensated for every trouble. 


Did you know that becoming a surrogate is also good for your health? Here are a few surprising benefits of surrogacy:


Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer


According to scientific studies, giving birth lowers the risk of late-life ovarian cancer. The risk continues to decrease with subsequent pregnancies. According to research, ovaries take a rest from endless cell division during the pregnancy period, which can lower cancer risk.


Adopt and Maintain Healthy Habits


It is mandatory to have a clean health record to become a surrogate, but most carriers tend to adopt healthier habits during pregnancy. This includes eating healthier, exercising, and meditating. Most of these healthy habits tend to carry on well after the baby is born.


Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer


When you become a surrogate, you may reduce your chances of developing breast cancer. This is because the ovaries sometimes produce extra hormones to maintain the cycle. This also means that ladies who get their menses early and have late menopause are at a greater risk of breast cancer. The more times a woman is pregnant, the less she is exposed to hormone rush.


A Healthier, Happier Heart


Your heart might be swelling from the emotional impact of this process, but there is more. Pregnancy improves your cardiovascular system. According to studies, women who have given birth are at a lower risk of suffering from heart diseases. In addition, giving birth also reduces the chances of having a stroke.


Surrogacy comes with several benefits, both emotional and physical. You get to give the gift of life to a couple in need, build families, and create lifelong relationships. To ensure you have a smooth, trouble-free experience, make sure you sign up at a trusted agency. If possible, find legal counsel before signing any forms or making a commitment. Otherwise, your agency will do most of the work for you, which may put you at risk. As long as you take time to do it right, surrogacy can be a fulfilling experience with lifelong benefits.


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