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Having a child can be a wonderful experience and one of the most important parts of adulthood. For those who cannot conceive for any reason, the joys of parenthood can still be experienced with the help of a kind surrogate. Surrogate mothers are women who become artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm. For most couples who cannot conceive, surrogacy is a great and affordable option.

Surrogacy often comes in two forms: traditional and non-traditional. A traditional surrogacy will result in a baby resembling the surrogate mother and the biological father, while a non-traditional surrogacy results in a baby resembling its parents. If you have found a surrogate mother through Open Arms Surrogacy, it is with no doubt that she has become an important member of your family.

With the holiday season upon us, you may even consider buying your surrogate mother a pleasant gift. This may be challenging for some families who have not become very acquainted with their surrogates, but it is important to note that the gift does not have to be expensive or even vast. The only thing that should matter is showing your appreciation for her, whether it comes in the form of inviting her over for dinner or simply buying her a bottle of perfume. If you just cannot decide on what to get her, here is a list of 10 splendid gifts to get your surrogate this season:

1. Jewelry

You can never go wrong with a stunning necklace or elegant bracelet. For most women, jewelry makes an ideal gift simply because jewelry is treasured by a majority of females. Whether your choice is simple or dazzling, plenty of women enjoy receiving earrings or necklaces as gifts. You might actually score extra points if the gift has sentimental or symbolic value.

For a surrogate, a necklace donning a seed or small heart may represent the growing child. If you choose to buy her a bracelet, consider purchasing a meaningful charm. Even if you are not sure what jewelry would suit her, you could always choose the safe route and purchase a jewelry box.

2. Meaningful Presents

As mentioned before, gifts with sentimental value are often more likely to be treasured over materialistic items. For a surrogate, this time of pregnancy is an important part of her life. Not only is she providing an amazing service to your family, but she is also becoming a stronger person. Most women become a surrogate simply because they love helping others and place great value on family. As such, a small gift might mean the world to your surrogate. A few ideas include a photo frame with a sonogram photo, a key chain engraved with the child’s heartbeat, and a thoughtful letter.

3. A Self-Care Day

While your surrogate is caring for the child, it is easy to forget to complete simple tasks such as washing her face or taking a moment for herself. One small act that she would be incredibly grateful for is gifting her just one day of relaxation. Whether she goes to the spa, salon, or simply sits at home curled up on her couch, it is almost guaranteed that she would be very happy. Some ideas for this include purchasing a gift card for a pedicure, manicure, or facial.

If going out is not the optimal choice, there are other ways to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. Candles, face masks, bath salts, and more are sold at almost every general retailer. To personalize the experience, you may even gift her a handmade self-care package.

4. Maternity Clothes

Although she has agreed to become a surrogate, she might not be properly prepared for the long months ahead of her. To ease the burden on your surrogate, consider purchasing a few comfortable maternity clothes for her. You may have to inquire about her size prior to purchasing them, but in the case that the clothes do not fit correctly, be sure to include the return receipt in her gift.

5. Pregnancy Kit

At first glance, this term might sound completely ridiculous to most people, but a pregnancy survival kit is actually a very real thing. A pregnancy kit usually consists of stretch marks cream, food items for cravings, pregnancy pillows, and anything else that might assist in her long journey. Pregnancy is not all glamorous as it seems, and she may often need your support. Her choice to become a surrogate was to help others, and it may be nice to support her in her doing so.

6. Photo Shoot

If your surrogate has been heavily involved with your family, planning a maternity photo session. These photos will have great sentimental value and allow both your family and her to remember the surrogacy for years after. The process to become a surrogate, much less find one is difficult, and the fact that you have found her is amazing. It should be commemorated, as the experience will forever be ingrained in all of your memories.

7. Flowers

Flowers have long been an ideal gift for women. As a simple, but beautiful way to show your appreciation, flowers will bring a smile to the faces of most females. Consider purchasing a flower arrangement with symbolic value, such as the orchids being a symbol of fertility and love. If your surrogate is allergic to certain flowers, you may purchase an edible arrangement instead.

8. Food

Pregnancy is a wild experience, from unusual cravings to unexplained mood swings. Most of the time, these cravings may be for food combinations that the average person might not find appealing. Regardless, if you recall any food that your surrogate suddenly has acquired a taste for, use this knowledge in selecting a gift.

Food gifts are an excellent choice because not only do they benefit her, but her family as well. Sometimes, a female might become a surrogate simply because she finds it a means of sustaining her family. Consider all angles of the story when choosing a gift for her.

9. Gifts for Her Family

When she chose to become a surrogate, her family became impacted as well. Depending on your relationship with her, you might want to purchase small gifts for the rest of her family. Acknowledging the role that her entire family plays in this process will be very appreciated.

10. Gifts for After

Whether you choose to stay in contact with your surrogate after she gives birth is completely your choice. If you do feel as though she has been a very important part of your lives, it may be nice to give her a few parting gifts before she completely leaves. Gift giving is not expected, so there is no reason to feel guilty if you choose not to. Whatever you choose, her choice to become a surrogate was hers alone, and while the experience may have been great, it was fated to soon reach an end.

Surrogate mothers at Open Arms Surrogacy are amazing, caring women who are glad to help you in your journey to parenthood. If you wish to show your surrogate a little appreciation and love this season, anything works, as long as it comes from the heart.


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