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To become a surrogate is a rewarding and fulfilling venture that requires support, care and love from the right agency. You need to make significant changes to your lifestyle and exercise the utmost care to deliver a healthy baby. We took a more in-depth look at things surrogate mothers can do to give other families incredible gifts. Here are some top tips worth implementing;


Exercising throughout the pregnancy


Keeping fit during your pregnancy is suitable both for you and your baby. Although doctors discourage heavy exercising, you can do low-level workouts every day of your pregnancy period. You need at least a 30-minute session of easy exercises daily. As a professional will tell you, exercises during pregnancy help to reduce labor challenges. It also helps to keep surrogate mothers active during this period, meaning they can still do some simple house chores. Besides, it allows mothers to maintain a good mood and give birth to healthy babies. It is always necessary to confirm from a doctor on the safety of the exercises.


NO harmful substances


After checking the surrogacy contract, you will see drinking, smoking, or any drug intake highly discouraged throughout the pregnancy period. Even without a signed agreement, it is common knowledge that taking hard drugs of any kind may affect the unborn baby in several ways. Therefore, you need to desist from such behaviors if you are to become a surrogate mother. Besides hard drugs, taking caffeine and exposure to chemicals, including laundry supplies, is detrimental. You may also need to avoid over the counter drugs or seek advice from a doctor about their best usage. Being mindful of what you take will ensure better results and improve your fertility.


Eat a balanced diet


A well-balanced diet is essential with or without a pregnancy. As much you may break the rules when you aren’t pregnant and get away with it, doing so while pregnant can have adverse effects. To become a surrogate mother requires taking healthy foods for the best nutrition. You need to ensure your daily diet is diverse with proteins, fruits, and vegetables included in it. It would be best if you avoided things like unpasteurized milk and undercooked foods, especially meat. Besides, you need to avoid junk and processed foods as much as possible. Regularly take whole-grain foods to ensure an adequate carbohydrate supply.


Receiving sufficient prenatal care


If you plan to become a surrogate mother, prepare to have more clinical appointments than you could with a personal pregnancy. Remember, there will be people keeping an eye over you all the time. You will have to communicate and keep your surrogate professional updated about the pregnancy. Since your emotional well-being is as vital as your physical well-being, be open about how you feel. Find additional help from other professionals, especially when suffering emotionally. That will ensure you enjoy your surrogate pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby as agreed. It is worth noting that any negligence that could affect the pregnancy, such as skipping appointments, can have legal implications.


Avoiding stress


There are different kinds of thoughts that will cross your mind during pregnancy – negative and positive. It may be a difficult period if you have negative thoughts running through your mind. Negative thoughts can cause stress making it difficult to focus on the pregnancy. You need to find a way to avoid stress if you regularly experience such kinds of mood swings. Turning to your surrogacy support system is one of the best ways to handle it. Once you decide to become a surrogate mother, know that blaming the intended parents for any turn of events is wrong. Instead, call the professionals assisting you both physically and emotionally.


Sleeping enough


It is worth remembering that enough sleep is key to the growth of your pregnancy. Growing a child is a challenging process that requires critical care, and sleeping at least 8 hours every night will guarantee a successful surrogate pregnancy. Taking enough sleep helps your body to recover after a tiring day. Besides, enough sleep helps to ensure you do not get sick often. You will also need to understand the best ways to sleep without hurting your baby. For instance, it is advisable to ensure your baby has an adequate oxygen supply by avoiding sleeping on your side early in your pregnancy.


Document every step of your journey


It is essential to document your journey from the start until you give birth. You can track things like weight, emotions, changing symptoms, etc. It is also necessary to ensure you have a clear record of the various medicines you are taking, especially fertility drugs. A well-documented journey will help doctors find the right remedy in case you need emergency treatment. But first off, you need to listen to your body every time. It is easy to notice anything unusual, mostly if you have ever carried another pregnancy. If anything, call your caregivers quickly and let them attend to before the condition worsens.




These are some of the top tips that you can consider if you want to become a surrogate mother and succeed at it. As already mentioned, pregnancy can be a challenging journey, especially for surrogate mothers. Unlike a personal pregnancy, you need to be twice as careful to ensure you deliver a healthy baby as expected by the intended parents. It is necessary to eat healthy foods, sleep enough, avoid drugs, and engage in other pregnancy-friendly practices. Enjoying your surrogacy journey depends on how well you take care of yourself. As already mentioned above, we recommend keeping close contact with your support system. But last, do not forget to live a positive surrogate pregnancy journey once you choose to become a surrogate mother. Remember, a sound mind is essential during and after the period.

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