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If you’re thinking of becoming a surrogate, you have come to the right place. To become a surrogate is no small task, but it is also a terrific opportunity for some. Surrogates are people who volunteer to get artificially inseminated so that they can carry and deliver a baby for another family. Surrogates are heroes to those who can not have their own children. Surrogates are also paid for this endeavor and some enjoy being pregnant as their job. To become a surrogate is a big decision to make, but those that choose to do it are usually happy with their decision as they are able to change the lives of so many, including themselves.

Creating Families

There are so many families out there that cannot have their own kids but so badly want to. According to the CDC, about 10 percent of women have trouble getting pregnant. Being infertile can make women extremely depressed. Some people dream of having kids their whole life, so when that is taken away from them it is no surprise that they are devastated. Although United States birthrates are down, the desire to have children has held steady. Only 6 percent of people aged 18-40 said they did not have or did not want children at some point in their life. Having a child is a right of passage in life for many. They want to reproduce to keep their family lineage going. Some want to give their children a better life than they had, they want to be able to provide for someone else what was not provided for them. Some people even say that having children is their purpose in life. Whatever the reasoning is, it is clear that people mostly enjoy and want to have kids and that for those that can not, it is devastating. For this reason, those who can become a surrogate should consider doing so in order help people have the fulfilling lives they want. Surrogates are unsung heroes. They often do not get the credit they deserve. They carry someone else’s baby and deliver a child to parents and they do so very humbly and unassuming. Surrogates are near the top of the ethical standard for this reason. It is so hard to do heroic work and not get all the prizes and gratification that heroic work should and often does give. If one chooses to become a surrogate, they are choosing to become a hero. Surrogates provide a service that nobody or nothing else can do. To become a surrogate is to change the dynamic of family, give people the opportunities to live out their dreams, and relieve people with fertility issues.

Opportunity for the Surrogate

On top of the feeling of being a hero and ultimately feeling good about yourself, if one chooses to become a surrogate you will also reap financial benefit. On average, surrogates are paid about 25,000 dollars in total for being a host for a families baby. This is a large sum of money to be pregnant. Getting paid to be pregnant is a privilege because most people do it for free. This is a good amount of money for 9 months as well. 25,000 dollars per 9 months would equal about 33,333 dollars per year. This is just the average, surrogates can make much more money than this depending on whom they become a surrogate for. The 90th percentile for surrogates is 400,000 dollars. So the top 10 percent of surrogates make a ton of money. The salary for surrogates is not including hospital bills and other expenses. On top of the salary you are paid for your services, all your bills that have to deal with having the baby will be taken care of. If you are a frugal person, you might be able to live off the money from being a surrogate. Making your only job that year being pregnant. This would give you tons of free time. Although being pregnant is not an easy task, it might be pretty satisfying if it is all you have to do. You will have ample free time. Time is the most valuable asset you can have, and you will gain that and money by becoming a surrogate. Most people trade their time for money, being a surrogate means that you can have your cake and eat it too because you don’t have to give up either. On the other hand, if you want to continue to keep working through the pregnancy then go for it. This will mean you are bringing in big money from a side gig. You will be able to invest or save all 25,000 if you wanted since you have a day job to pay the bills. You could take a gigantic vacation if you want to. 25,000 extra can make a huge difference in ones lifestyle. There is no downside to 25,000 dollars in your pocket for being pregnant. Either you have a ton of free time or you have a ton of extra money to spend. Choose whichever path you like because there is no way to go wrong with that.

Should you Become a Surrogate?

If you are really excited about being a hero to another family and about bringing in some extra money or having extra time, then you should look into becoming a surrogate. The key work here is and, not or. You should definitely not choose to be a surrogate simply for the money. You can possibly choose to be a surrogate simply to be a hero but I am assuming most everyone would appreciate the money. Being a surrogate is a unique experience which provides very unique opportunity for both the surrogate and the family that the surrogate is helping. Surrogates are heroes to those who cannot have their own kids and maybe even heroes to society. A surrogate should feel proud of oneself. It’s not an easy job, but it is a very rewarding and necessary one, that you must meet specific qualifications to be considered. Contact Open Arms Surrogacy today to learn more.


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