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Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. It’s a time to revel in the company of the people you cherish the most on the planet as well. If you want your upcoming Thanksgiving to be particularly heartwarming and memorable, then you should think about activities that you can do alongside all of your family members. Crafts can make a superb bonding activity for everyone. If you want your holiday crafting experience to go particularly well, you should look into options that everyone can participate in, young children included.

Paper Bag Turkeys

It isn’t uncommon at all for young kids to be particularly antsy and restless creatures. If you have children who have focusing issues at times, then it may be in your best interests to zero in on craft ideas that are simple and speedy. Making paper bag turkeys is a terrific example of a Thanksgiving craft that doesn’t call for a significant time commitment or impressive attention span. If you want to make the process even simpler for your kids, that option is accessible to you, too. You can get the feathers and the cut-out pieces ready beforehand. Kids can have a blast sticking the pieces onto brown paper bags and showcasing their creative streaks that way.

Painted Leaves and Stones for Your Thanksgiving Table

Sometimes the simplest projects are the most rewarding and most enjoyable ones. If you want to have a ball with the family on Thanksgiving, you should all go outdoors for a few minutes in order to search for the finest leaves and stones. Once you round them up, you can paint them using pleasant and fall-friendly colors. These leaves and rocks can make ideal holiday centerpieces. If you want your table to look festive as can be prior to and during your big feast, then you cannot go wrong with the addition of a few eye-catching leaves and rocks.

Handprint Candy Corn Turkeys

Who doesn’t remember the joys of childhood artwork that begins with a classic handprint? If you want to remember that innocent and fun time alongside the kids who are in your life now, you can make Thanksgiving day all about handprint candy corn turkeys. This craft involves tasty candy corn, too, making it especially appealing to sweets-loving youngsters. Getting the activity set up is a piece of cake. You have to get the little ones to take their handprints. You need crayons, coloring pencils or anything else similar. Once you arrange the candy corn feathers with your kids, you’re ready to draw the face. Voila! There you have a basic yet highly fulfilling Thanksgiving craft for all.

A Bookmark for the Autumn Season

Thanksgiving should be relaxing and fun. That doesn’t mean, though, that you cannot use it as an excuse to encourage the kids in your life to do a lot of reading. If you’re searching for productive yet easy and soothing Thanksgiving craft ideas, you should try your hand at bookmarks for the fall months. You should create adorable bookmarks that may motivate your kids to take out their books for in-depth reading sessions. All you have to do is glue felt leaves onto craft sticks. You’re all set! If you’re interested in particularly hassle-free and fast Thanksgiving craft avenues, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Oreo Turkeys

What in the world can be more exciting than Thankgiving crafts that can actually reward you with yummy taste when all is said and done? If you live alongside children, then odds are high that you have some delicious Oreo cookies stashed away in your kitchen cupboards. That’s why you can think about making Oreo turkeys for the holiday. This craft idea couldn’t be much simpler. It basically involves attaching four pieces of candy corn to the sides of individual Oreo cookies in order to create the impression of turkey feathers. Don’t forget to include the turkey eyes and face.

Paper Plate Wreaths That Look Like Thanksgiving Turkeys

Wreaths are incredibly festive and aesthetically appealing. They don’t necessarily have to involve the use of bona fide stems, leaves and flowers, however. If you’re searching high and low for a Thanksgiving craft idea that’s suitable even for the smallest kids, then you should test out the concept of paper plate wreaths that look just like turkeys. You don’t have to have a lot to get this project up and running, either. You simply need construction paper in bright colors like orange, yellow, pink and red. Beyond that, you need a few paper plates.

Leaf Turkeys

There are so many ways for craft aficionados to showcase their turkey adoration during the Thanksgiving holiday. If you want to do so, then you should consider making leaf turkeys with your loved ones. Leaf turkeys are exactly what they sound like. All you have to do is gather some bright and visually appealing leaves that were lying around on the ground in your yard. If you draw a cartoon turkey and stick them on his body, you have the beginning of a craft hit that’s straightforward yet impossible for all to resist.

Candy Cornucopias

Cornucopias make amazing symbols of the Thanksgiving season. If you want to truly remember all of the things that make you the most thankful, then you should go forward with a classic and easy candy cornucopia craft project. Cornucopias generally are brimming with a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits. If you want to give your craft project a festive twist that the children are sure to adore, you can change things up a little bit. That’s because you can pack all of your cornucopias with none other than classic sweet delights. If you round up candy corn and other similarly bright pieces of candy, then you can pave the way for a craft project that’s simultaneously easy and rewarding to the tastebuds.

If you take the time to research your options carefully, there are actually an abundance of simple Thanksgiving craft options floating around out there.


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