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You might be alarmed by the cravings you get when you are first pregnant and have become a surrogate. They can be powerful, and come seemingly at random. There is nothing wrong with indulging in some pregnancy desserts, but we need to maintain our bodies’ health during this special time. That is why we put together this collection of delicious foods to indulge in guilt-free during your pregnancy for when you become a surrogate. There are plenty of different options to choose from here. Whether you enjoy something with a little more of a chocolate flavor or you are more of a fruit girl, there is something you will love in this list.

They may be seemingly simple, but they are a delicious treat that is sure to knock your socks off.




Avocados are amazing food, thanks primarily to the oil inside of it. Eating this is great for your hair, nails, and skin so you can continue to rock that luscious look well beyond your pregnancy. Plus you’ll look great while you are pregnant too. If you want a quick and simple breakfast grabbing avocado, sliced open, and put it on some toast with a butter dollop. If you are trying to avoid its dairy or animal products, you can substitute butter with olive oil for even more unsaturated fatty goodness.


Water With Lemon


Water will always be one of the most important things for you to have in your life. During pregnancy, it is especially important because you are now supporting more than one life. People forget that just drinking water is not enough to keep us hydrated. We must have a proper balance of electrolytes. During pregnancy we are more likely to sweat and lose these electrolytes. As these electrolytes are lost, and balances are built up within our bodies, which can lead to dysfunction. Adding a small squeeze of lemon to your water is a great way to boost its electrolytic content and ensure that you stay properly hydrated. Plus, it gives it a nice little taste kick too.


Cheesy Broccoli


A molecule is contained within the sprouts of a broccoli called sulforaphane, which possesses some of nature’s most powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Research is still ongoing, but evidence indicates that broccoli is a superfood for the developing and the developed nervous systems, better known as your brain. If you want to make sure that you and your child have healthy brains try getting a little bit of broccoli and dipping it in some cheese or dark chocolate. Either one of those is a great way to help you indulge without any guilt during this time.


Dark Chocolate


There are numerous health benefits to dark chocolate. Chocolate gets a bad reputation because it is often contained in foods that have high levels of sugar. Chocolate has many health benefits when it is in its raw form. It is a powerful antioxidant and can help to fight free radicals within your body. Many women reported that they normally enjoyed milk chocolate before they became pregnant, but once they were carrying a baby, they suddenly craved much more better things. Some scientists believe that this may be from the need to consume additional iron to help support the blood and develop the child’s circulatory system.




Of course, there have got to be a few truly decadent choices on this list if we will make it a real pregnancy indulgences list. Gelato is nice because it contains far fewer milk fats and sugars while very flavorful and similar to ice cream. It originally emerged from Italy. While there were only a handful of flavors traditionally produced in Italy today, there is an abundant selection available.


Fruit Popsicles


We always say fruit is nature’s candy. Fruit are uniquely situated as the healthiest sweet food option there is for most people to eat. Fruit contains many important nutrients and vitamins, and thanks to their very nature, they are also delicious. Blend some of and freeze them into some Popsicles for a deliciously indulgent treat without any guilt.


Yogurt Parfaits


Yogurt parfaits are the other frozen dessert option on this list worth checking out. Whether you go with a more traditional style parfait, like those made in France, or choose to go with one of the more modern American style versions, these represent one of the tastiest ways for you to get a healthy frozen treat during your pregnancy.


Strawberry Shortcake


Angel food cake is unique because it contains far fewer sugar content than many other types of cake. Take a little bit of angel food cake and drizzle it with strawberries, strawberry glaze topping, and then top it all off with some whipped cream, and you have got an airy delight that will surely tantalize your taste buds tonight.




Custard may not be the prettiest name for a dessert dish, but it may well be one of the tastiest. There are many different custard types, but they all contain some variation of milk mixed with egg yolk. Chefs prefer to make it different to consistencies of this dish, so it is possible to experience custards that are almost as runny as pudding, or something far thicker, similar to the cream used in eclairs.


Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts


Our final and top recommendation on this list takes the top of the cake for ice. While it may not be very much, at first sight, there is just something about the simple combination of dark chocolate, the nice fatty peanut, and a little bit of salt that is just napalm for the taste buds. If you haven’t tried this decadent link delightful combination yet, then you are surely missing out. We recommend preparing your dark chocolate covering and baking your peanuts yourself for the best experience. Add a little bit of sea salt, bake the peanuts in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°, or brown slightly. In the meantime, some dark chocolate on the stovetop in a small pot, and when the peanuts are done, take them from the oven and put them in the pot. Take the pot off of the stove and allow it to cool. You can try to scrape it into a Tupperware dish and put it in the fridge if you want it to eat them more quickly.


When you agree to become a surrogate, managing things like diet and craving are more important than ever. Not just for the health of the baby, but for your health as well. If you want to become a surrogate, please don’t hesitate to reach out today for more information.


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