Private Online Support Group

As an OAC surrogate mother, access will be given to our Surrogate Mother Forum where OAC surrogate mothers can support each other, ask questions, and share experiences. This forum is monitored by OAC staff and allows for more access to support and guidance.

Personalized Matching with Intended Parents

Based on our experience with the your during our application stage and your preferences, we will only present your profile to intended parents that are ‘the best fit’. In addition, you will be provided with a profile of the intended parents for your consideration. There is no commitment to any particular intended parents until you agree to move forward. Once you agree to work with intended parents and they agree to work with you, then it will be considered a “match”.

Individual Personal Consultant

When matched with intended parents, there is one consultant who is the primary coordinator of the cycle. This coordinator will schedule all medical appointments, make all travel arrangements; arrange for attorney representation during the contract phase, assist with communications with the clinic, intended parents, attorney, ob/gyn and delivering hospital. The consultant will be the main point of contact for you and providing guidance and emotional support. The consultant will also be available to attend appointments in place of the intended parents or as moral support such as the embryo transfer, ultrasounds, and/or delivery if necessary.

$250,000 Life Insurance Policy

This benefit is only issued when the surrogate mother complies with all required paperwork and medical screening. If surrogate mother does not fulfill all requirements, no policy will be issued. Life insurance policies are subject to approval by the insurance underwriters. Surrogate Mother designates beneficiaries.

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