Base Compensation Amount

Regardless of employment or insurance status

Valid for any surrogacy-friendly state

First-Time Surrogate Mother


Second-Time Surrogate Mother


Third-Time Surrogate Mother


Fourth-Time Surrogate Mother

$70,000 +

Receive at least $1,000 Before Pregnancy (In addition to your Base Compensation)

$200 = Psychological Evaluation

$300 = Medical Evaluation

$500 = Legal Clearance

Base Compensation Amount

$300 Monthly Allowance For Misc. Expenses

(approx. 12 months)


Start of Fertility Medications


Embryo Transfer

$500 per transfer

Maternity clothing allowance

For multiple pregnancy, allowance increases by $200


D & C, Abortion/Termination*


Fetal Reduction*


Multiple Birth (per additional child)*


Caesarian Section*

For any medically advised c-section.


Loss of Uterus*

if surrogate must undergo a hysterectomy resulting in the loss of her uterus, as a result of the delivery of the child, as long as such procedure(s) are performed within 3 months of the delivery.


Restriction of Activity/Bed-rest & Childcare*

Housekeeping & Childcare Expenses if Obstetrician/IVF Physician confirms in writing that Surrogate is unable to perform normal housekeeping chores and childcare.

Up to $300 weekly

Lost Wages

Reimbursed as they occur

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