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1. You Play the Part of Making a Family Complete

If you want to become an egg donor, you should know that you will bring life to people who would not meet the task. Ovum transfer is especially to couples who cannot have a baby or infertile women. What happens is that you will donate your egg which is fertilized by the sperm from the father to be. After fertilization, the zygote is transferred into the mother’s womb.

2. You Get a Chance to Experience the Beauty in Technological Advancements

Natural fertilization only happens in a moist area or water and within the body. Technology has advancements that help a female egg, and the male sperm can exist outside the body. Egg fertilization happens in a laboratory dish, and there is a high percentage of successful fertilization. If you become an egg donor, then you stand a chance to experience first-hand specialized experience in reproduction.

3. You Make a Positive Impact on Society

There are so many people out there struggling to get children of their own. On the other hand, a small group of women selflessly wants to make others smile without necessarily benefiting from the whole process. Such donation is called intrinsic oocyte donation.

Being an egg donor gives you the ability to empathize with other people, especially an infertile woman or a gay couple who want to be parents.

4. It is Anonymous

If you are worried that people will know about the whole process, then you are wrong. The process is 100% anonymous unless you want it known by other people. There are oocyte donors who never get the chance to meet the parents they are donating to.

5. It is Timely 

The time limit can be a significant concern for a person planning to become an egg donor. For your information, the whole process takes utmost three months. Active participation takes a maximum time of two weeks, whereas the rest is waiting time to get test results and the fertilization process. Ten to twenty oocytes are taken from the donor so that if one is not successful, the others are readily available for use until the fertilization process goes through.

6. It Helps You Get the Best Medical Attention

Oocyte donation is not a process you decide on today, and get it done tomorrow. There are lots of tests done on you to determine whether you are fit for the process or not. It would help if you were within your BMI. If you are obese, then you are disqualified. Blood tests will help the doctors rule out HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and any other sexually transmitted diseases.

A background checkup determines if you carry any hereditary diseases and are psychologically ready for the whole process. Doctors also check whether you have a regular menstrual cycle and the status of your hormones. Remember, an egg is only viable if your hormones are balanced.

7. It is a Source of Income

Egg donation for compensation purposes was a massive debate in the past. Most people thought that it is wrong to sell a human oocyte. This thought has, however, eased with time. Today, women make money from services such as oocytes donation and surrogacy. Women make money depending on the clinic, agency, or the private person they are donating for.

Other countries, such as Australia, have not legalized making money from oocyte donations. It should not profit the donor by any chance. If you plan to become an egg donor in the US, you can make an average of $20,000 per cycle. It is advisable that a woman only has a maximum of six donations.

8. It Helps You Understand the Beauty of Being a Woman

Children are the people who bring new beauty to our lives. The moment you decide to become an egg donor, you bring out the beauty in you. Women are sensitive, caring, empathetic, and sympathetic. When you offer an oocyte, you understand what your body can do for another woman who cannot conceive due to age or other medical conditions.

Bottom line

Oocyte donation is an amazing experience. It helps you understand your body, brings life, and creates an awareness that infertility is real. It can help you carry on the legacy of ovum transfer and raise public awareness of the same. Some women who are not ready to conceive now use this process to freeze their eggs for use in the future. If you are willing to become an egg donor, you should be in the age group between twenty-one and twenty-eight.


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