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When wanting to become an egg donor there are multiple steps that must be completed before the actual egg retrieval process can begin. The process begins with an initial medical evaluation to determine if you are eligible to become an egg donor. After one is medically cleared to become an egg donor there a multiple steps taken to advertise yourself to couples seeking an egg adoption as well as many steps to legally protect you and the potential couples. After being selected and all medical and legal requirements have been met the will be harvested, donated, and you will be compensated for your donation.

1. Initial medical and legal screenings for potential egg donors

When wanting to become an egg donor there is an initial evaluation that is given to any potential donors. The potential donors must meet certain requirements like having a healthy BMI, no history of depression, addiction, or any other physical or mental illnesses, and have no legal or criminal cases against you. If you meet all medical and legal requirements than you can be accepted as a potential egg donor.

2. Creating an egg donor profile for adopters to view

After being medically cleared to participate as an egg donor the donation agency and you will create a donor profile. Typically donor profiles feature a section that describes the physical characteristics of the donor, personal or familial medical history, and a general information section. The physical characteristics can include race, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, BMI, and a general appearance description. The medical history is anything that could potentially affect the egg or child that the potential adopters need to be aware of. The general information section of the donor covers everything from hobbies, career, education, and other attractive information that could increase your chances of being selected.

3. Being selected as an egg donor by potential adopters

Once you have been medically cleared and finished uploading your donor profile potential egg adopters can begin seeing you when looking for a possible egg donor. Potential adopters can see any information about your egg donor profile like physical characteristics, medical history, and general information about you presented on the donor profile. If the donor characteristics on the profile match the criteria that the potential adopter wants the egg donor will be selected.

4. Medical evaluations before egg donation

After being selected by potential adopters you will have to undergo additional medical exams before officially becoming an egg donor. These medical exams will determine if you are physically able to become an egg donor as well as if you are mentally prepared for the longterm medical process. These medical exams will also include a thorough exam of the reproductive abilities of the egg donor to ensure the eggs will be healthy and viable. The egg donor is given an ovulation test, their hormone levels are checked, and an exam of the reproductive organs is given to ensure there are no abnormalities to the ovaries and the rest of the organ.

5. Legal contracts

After the egg donor has met all of the medical requirements and been approved for the operation the legal process to become an egg donor begins. Donor agencies and local governments all have different legal requirements that egg donors must meet and agree too. Who has to pay for the medical treatments, future counseling, and other legal fees must all be discussed and agreed upon before the egg donor has any procedures or donations. Other types of legal aspects of egg donation that must be discussed and agreed upon is the complete termination of biological parental rights, how often you can donate eggs, and how much the donor will be financially compensated for there donated eggs and time.

6. Egg donor begins fertility medications

Once you have been selected by potential adopters and all medical and legal requirements have been met the egg donor begins fertility medications. These fertility medications increase ovulation and the number of eggs being produced. Egg donors take fertility drugs for approximately nine to 12 days for the egg retrieval process and will need to visit a medical clinic around four times before the donation process can be performed.

7. Egg retrieval surgery

Once all medical and legal requirements have been met and they fertility drugs have been properly administered the egg donor will undergo surgery for the egg retrieval. During the egg retrieval, a doctor will manually drain the ovarian follicles to harvest any eggs that have been produced. The entire surgical process takes about 30 minutes and is considered to be noninvasive. After the surgery is complete the donor may need to rest for a short time period before being able to walk. Cramping, spotting, and general discomfort should be expected for a few days after the surgery, but the recovery time is only about a week to ten days after the procedure.

8. Financially compensated after completing the egg donation

Open arms egg donors are given a financial compensation amount before the donation process begins and will receive the agreed-upon amount once the eggs have been harvested and the donation process is complete. The amount of financial compensation one will receive depends on many different factors. Some factors that go into determining the amount of financial compensation received are the number of eggs being donated, if you’ve donated before, and popularity amongst adopters all are taken into consideration.

There are many reasons one has for becoming an egg donor and there are many factors to consider before beginning the egg donation process. The financial gain, willingness to help other obtain parenthood, and a love for modern medicine all are reasons one may become an egg donor. To become an egg donor one must be prepared to follow many medical guidelines and accept any changes that accompany the egg donation process. One has to be physically and mentally prepared for the medical procedures, physical changes, and extensive timeframes that accompany egg donation should be a priority for any egg donor. Contact Open Arms Surrogacy today to learn more about how to become an egg donor.


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