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Choosing to donate your eggs is a beautiful opportunity to give a couple the ultimate gift – the gift of life. These couples and individuals that you will work with are desperate to have a child they can love, but they are unable to do so on their own. With your help, these people can achieve their dreams of having the perfect family.

Whether you are looking to become an egg donor because you need some financial help, or you just want to make dreams come true, It is best to educate yourself about the procedure. Here are the major reasons to become an egg donor – it can change your life for the better.

1. You Get a Free Check-Up

In this day and age, medical testing generally comes with a pretty large price tag. If you decide to become an egg donor, all your testing – genetic testings, fertility screenings, and testing for infectious diseases is all free. These can be thousands of dollars of tests, paid for by the fertility clinic through which you are donating.

2. Long Term Effects Are Not a Concern

As reflected in the findings of a recent study, there are no health risks associated with egg donation that manifest over time. These can include both infertility issues and the early onset of menopause, as well as some ovarian cancers or even cysts. You can rest assured that giving the gift of life will not put yours in danger if you become an egg donor.

3. You Are Not Responsible for Any Resulting Child

It is important to realize that once you have finished the egg donation process, you give up any rights or responsibility you may have for the resulting child. Every aspect of the child’s upbringing, if a child should result, is solely the responsibility of the parents. Even if you do not feel capable of rearing a child of your own at the moment, you can still help the parental dreams of others come true if you become an egg donor.

4. Help People Achieve Their Dreams

Almost all of the people who get eggs from donors are capable, responsible people who just desperately want to bring life into this world. For a lot of people, this is a last hope. They have already spent a lot of time and money on failed fertility treatments, and you really are their last hope. When you become an egg donor you are helping hopeful parents fulfill their dreams of having a full house. If you are accepted as an egg donor, you are giving the gift of life, but you are also helping dreams come true.

5. You are Compensated Handsomely

You have probably become familiar with the egg donation process, and you know that you can only have six donation cycles over your lifetime. However, the compensation once each of these cycles is finished can be thousand of dollars. Open Arms Surrogacy can tell you the exact amount they are compensating donors, it is easy to find this information on their websites or by filling out an application. Many egg donors are young women, so the compensation can come in handy if you become an egg donor.

6. Add on to the Compensation with Pay Bonuses

In some cases, we will supplement the rate of compensation for potential donors with some substantial pay bonuses. In addition, we have referral programs wherein you can refer a friend to become an egg donor for a small bonus.

7. We Will Insure You

If one of the things you are worried about is managing medical bills that you might incur as a result of your donation, you can rest assured. We will insure you, ensuring that everything goes as well as it should. A lot of people dread going to the doctor for the simple reason that they are without health insurance. Rest assured that any medical treatments that you have as a result of your egg donation will be covered if you become an egg donor.

8. The Process Is Very Easy

A lot of people who want to donate their eggs but have not yet are afraid of what the procedure entails. It does seem complicated, extracting something buried so deep inside your body, but the whole procedure is about half an hour long. While you are put under with anesthetic, it is an outpatient procedure and though you want to relax the rest of the day, most donors can resume their daily activities the next day. This is a process that can give a lot of happiness to people, and it really is quick and painless for the donors.

9. You Will Have the Best in Care

If you go with Open Arms for your egg donation, you are guaranteed a level of care and expertise that will make you feel great. Your doctor can help to explain the procedure to you and alleviate any fears that you might have. While you are recovering from an egg donation cycle, you can be sure that you will not be hurried out of your room.

10. It Costs You Nothing

When you are presented with the opportunity to bring such a positive change into a person’s life and be compensated well, you might be looking around for a catch. The truth is, all of the bills associated with the egg donation process are covered. That includes your health screening, genetic as well as fertility testing. Egg donation is a great chance for the under-insured to get some medical testing done.

If you are thinking about donating eggs and making the dreams of a couple or individuals come true, it is a lovely thought. You can spread hope and joy to a family that has tried so hard and for so long with many different fertility treatments but with no success. It is a great way to be compensated, as well as give the gift of longed-for life. Contact Open Arms today to become an egg donor.


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