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Thank you for considering the gift of becoming an egg donor. For some, egg donation is the last hope for a baby. Couples considering using egg donation have tried everything else to conceive-exhaustive testing, countless appointments with fertility specialists, strained relationships. It is only this genuine act of irreplaceable kindness that offers them a breath of hope.

Open Arms is currently accepting applications from potential egg donors throughout the United States. Egg donation is not for everyone, but for younger women who are responsible, loving, healthy, and mature and wish to considered as an egg donor. As an egg donor, you will be working with one of the most experienced agencies in the United States. You can earn at least $6,000 for your generosity and be able to give the most precious gift that only you can give.

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Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Egg Donors

  • Between the ages of 21 and 33
  • Healthy
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28 or less
  • Not Adopted
  • Does not smoke or use illegal drugs
  • No history of depression or any mental health disorders
  • Is not alcohol dependant
  • Have never been convicted of a crime
  • Is a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Is educated, mature, dependable and committed to following through with the process
  • Negative PAP Smear within the last 12 months.

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Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Egg Donors

The Process

Get Approved After Initial Screening

Complete Your Online Profile

Be Selected By Intended Parents

Be Selected By Intended Parents

Psychological & Medical Evaluations

Legal Contracts

Start Fertility Medications

The Egg Retrieval

The Egg Retrieval



Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Egg Donors

Can I be taking birth control?

Yes, you may take birth control pills. Donors may also have an IUD or have had your tubes tied. You should not be taking injections of Depo Provera or using Norplant for birth control because it affects the timing of the cycle.

Can I donate more than once?

You may be allowed to donate up to six times, based on the quality of your eggs.

Does it hurt?

For most women, no. Everyone has a different level of discomfort that they interpret as painful. Thousands of women donate eggs each year. Generally women don’t find the injections painful, and the egg retrieval process is done as an outpatient procedure in a fertility clinic.

Does your agency do the medical screening?

While we coordinate all services, our agency does not actually perform any of the medical procedures. You will be working with a certified fertility specialist selected by the Intended Parents. This doctor will explain the medical procedures involved and can answer any specific questions you may have.

How do they retrieve my eggs?

You will undergo an outpatient procedure for the egg retrieval. Again, please see the egg donation process page for more information.

How long do I have to give myself shots?

The normal length of time a donor is on injectable medications is between three and four weeks.

How long does it take to be matched?

The time varies according to the needs of the Intended Parents.

What are the general requirements to be an egg donor?

All egg donors need to be healthy, dependable, mature woman between the ages of 21 and 33.

What does egg donation involve?

Please refer to the egg donation process on our egg donor’s page for more information.

What is the compensation for being an egg donor?

Upon completion of the cycle, donors are reimbursed a minimum of $6,000 for their time and efforts, paid in two installments. Successful donors may request higher compensation.

Why would a woman need my eggs?

Women need egg donors when their eggs are not available due to many reasons including age, premature menopause, and fertility problems in their genetic background.

Will any children born from my donation ever be able to find me?

The anonymity of the egg donor is currently protected, however we cannot promise that future laws may change allowing such a circumstance.

Will I be responsible for paying for my medical expenses?

No. Your Intended Parents will pay for all of your medical expenses including medical testing, psychological screening, and any traveling that you may have to do.

Will I know if a baby is born?

This is an anonymous program, so under normal circumstances, you will not know if a baby has been born. However, you will know that you have offered a couple the chance of a lifetime.

Will I meet the person that receives my eggs?

No. Everything remains anonymous. Sometimes recipients will write a thank you note to the donor for her tremendous gift, but exchanges remain confidential. Under certain circumstances, when both parties agree, donors and recipients may meet.

Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Egg Donors

Egg Donor Testimonials

  • I feel like with you are always are thinking of me.  As a donor,  you helped me get through school financially. I used the money to supplement what I was missing out on by only working part time. So thank you and everyone at open arms for giving me the ability to better myself while helping out other families.

    Experienced Donor EGG DONOR
  • I had a great experience as a donor for Open Arms. Everyone I worked with was great and they made an effort to work with my schedule, by only matching me with parents when it best suited my time. Everyone at the doctors offices were very nice and very supportive. Most importantly, my coordinator at Open Arms was incredibly supportive and helpful every step of the way.

    Great experience helping a family EGG DONOR
  • I've had the opportunity twice to help sets of parents to start a family. I am beyond happy and blessed that I could help a family fulfill their wishes and making their dreams come true! Open Arms is such a great facility to work with!

    Dream Come True EGG DONOR
  • I completed two successful cycles with Souad and they were both incredibly positive. She made the cycles so much easier with her upbeat cheerleading throughout the way. I had a tendency to ask too many questions at times as I was extremely anxious. Her patience was astounding in answering them and allaying all my fears. Souad was always on the ball every time an issue came up. I did not have to worry about the peripheral issues as Souad was very efficient in taking care of everything. It felt as if she was holding my hand and accompanying me throughout the experience. Now looking back, I cannot thank her enough. I felt confident as her donor and would use her expertise if I ever needed a donor myself.

    From Suman: 2X successful donor EGG DONOR
  • Ms. Souad Heddada-Dreyfus is a highly professional, motivated and organized individual. Her dedication and love of her job would be obvious to anyone. Compassionate and warm, Ms. Souad is well suited to the field of fertility, and anyone securing her services has made a very wise choice. Given that I am from Australia, extra organization was needed so that I could donate. Ms. Souad expertly handled everything from arranging my flight and accommodation, to ensuring that I was well fed and entertained during my visit. I never once felt insecure, despite coming on my own from so far away. Ms. Souad made herself completely available to offer any assistance I needed. The experience of donating eggs, while very worthwhile and rewarding, can nonetheless be challenging and at times even difficult. As such, the emotional support that I received from Ms. Souad throughout the process was invaluable. Ms. Souad ensured that I felt safe and comfortable at all times. And her interest in the well being of donors certainly does not cease after retrieval. Ms. Souad has remained in contact with me, and it is in large part thanks to her that I am confident that I will continue to donate and help intending parents in this special way.

    From Australia Lisa L. successful egg donor… EGG DONOR
  • I just wanted to say that donating through your agency has been one of the greatest experiances, The parents I worked with are now able to fulfill their dreams of parenthood, and I get to live the rest of my life with the knoledge that I HELPED CREATE THAT!! Also the parents and I have started a "friendship" and she is allowing me to know first hand the impact this and I have made on their life..Thats the most amazing indescribable feeling...And if it were not for Open arms and Saoud, this would not have been possible... I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to extend myself, and in the end, I was deeply touched ...To all of you out there weather it be, Hopeful parents, donors or Surrogates, This is a wonderful thing we are all doing for one another, out of love...God Bless you all and may all your hearts desires become fulfilled..=)

    From Kristen: Successful donor EGG DONOR
Surrogacy involves potential risks associated with pregnancy as well as any medical processes required. It is the responsibility of the surrogate to understand and investigate any and all risks, and to discuss the procedures and implications with her physician.
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