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Fertility Benefits and the Workplace: The Changing Social Stigma

By October 18, 2018No Comments

Infertility was once a silent, secret struggle, one that men and women were forced to endure without support. Fortunately, social trends are evolving to take the stigma away from infertility. Instead of judgement or misunderstanding, individuals and couples are more frequently met with compassion and assistance, even in the workplace.

More employers are now moving beyond basic medical coverage to offer unique fertility benefits that improve their employees’ quality of life, productivity, and overall wellness.

Growing Trends in Fertility Benefits

Spotify, Pinterest, Facebook, Chanel, and Bank of America all count themselves among the large companies offering fertility benefits to their employees. Some, like Bank of America and Chanel, offer unlimited IVF coverage to qualified employees. Others like Pinterest offer $100,000 for four cycles of IVF and genetic screening.

Most of this progress has occurred in the last few years. Pinterest raised its coverage from $15,000 in 2016 to $100,000 in 2017, and LinkedIn jumped from $15,000 to $75,000 in the same timeframe.

Some companies are even moving beyond IVF coverage to pay for the surrogacy process itself. Late in 2017, IBM announced it would offer all of its employees, including same-sex couples and singles, up to $20,000 for surrogacy expenses. American Express also offers this perk, as well as 20 weeks of paid leave for new parents.

The Many Benefits of Fertility Coverage

It is no secret that infertility takes more than a physical toll on men and women who want to become parents; infertility is also rollercoaster of mental and emotional anguish and confusion. By providing a growing range of fertility coverage options to employees, companies are supporting their employees’ financial, social, emotional, and physical health.

Of course, employers also hope to foster loyalty and higher productivity by providing fertility benefits like IVF and surrogacy coverage. Workers with less debt load have less stress, giving them the ability to focus on their jobs and perform consistently each day.

Infertility Has No Boundaries

Infertility is not a simple problem. It doesn’t strictly affect married women who have trouble conceiving. It’s also a struggle for same-sex couples who cannot have a biological child in the traditional way and singles who want to start a family without a partner. With more support in the workplace, men and women alike have the opportunity to overcome their infertility challenges.

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