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If you’re currently
involved in or considering jumping into the surrogacy process, you’ll notice
that there are many important decisions to be made before a precious baby
finally arrives. Intended parents and surrogate mothers both have vital choices
to make, but exactly how choosy should you be? While age, health, and the
results of screenings are essential to determining your best match, there are
other factors that can be granted a bit more flexibility for a simpler surrogacy

Surrogacy has yet to fall
under federal rule, so each state has its own set of regulations and
requirements regarding surrogate mothers and intended parents. States like
California, Florida, and Pennsylvania are seen as being friendly toward the
surrogacy cause, while others like Louisiana and New York don’t necessarily
champion the idea. Many states don’t have any laws governing surrogacy at all.

The ultimate goal of
creating a healthy child does not need to be dependent upon location, and a
great number of surrogate mothers are matched with intended parents that live
an airplane flight or long car drive away, rather than the next county over. Is
this something you can be comfortable accepting? Most people involved in
surrogacy say yes, and reputable surrogacy agencies serve to navigate any
interstate complexities that arise with legal and insurance considerations.

Religious Preferences
Religion can be a hot
topic, so the choice of religious preference for both parties should be made
early on. As a surrogate mother, does it matter to you if the intended parents
share your beliefs? As intended parents, is it essential to you that your
surrogate mother practices a certain religion or follows a certain religious
code while pregnant?
Matches have certainly
been made with religious requirements in mind, but many surrogate mothers are
happy to embrace intended parents of any faith and denomination. They became surrogates
to help another family conceive, any type of family. The same goes for intended
parents, who are thankful for a healthy and responsible surrogate mother
regardless of religious beliefs.
At the end of the day,
you must choose where on the spectrum of priorities religion falls for you.
With more flexibility comes greater potential for you to meet your perfect

Family Composition
Intended parents and
surrogate mothers come in every variation of family style imaginable. More than
ever before, gay and lesbian parents are turning to surrogacy as a way to build
a family that was never a possibility in the past. Similarly, some surrogate mothers
are single, married, divorced, or somewhere in between. While you might have an
image in your head of your ideal match, consider whether you could be flexible
on this factor.
While only you can make
the ultimate decision regarding what match fits you best, keeping your options
open will dramatically improve your chances of finding a surrogate mother or
eager intended parents quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the family composition,
a healthy baby can still be born, and that’s truly what matters.

As a surrogate mother or
intended parents, the debate between breastfeeding and formula feeding will
arise at some point. Every mother has her own opinion of what option is best
for the baby, but again, are you flexible with the outcome? This issue isn’t
usually a topic that comes up during the matching process but it is still
important to consider as it will need to be decided if the surrogate mother
will pump after delivery and whether or not she’ll be compensated for doing so.
After all the factors
have been weighed and considered, the ultimate goal is the birth of a healthy
and well-loved baby. The rest, as they say, becomes background noise.


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