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When it comes to donating eggs, there are many things to consider. How does the donation process work? What are the risks and rewards involved? Whether you’re considering donating eggs yourself or are just curious about the process, keep reading for more information.


What is egg donation?

Egg donation helps couples who cannot have children independently. In some instances, it can provide research into infertility treatments. This information could benefit anyone with fertility issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome.


The donated eggs are combined with either the male partner’s sperm or donor sperm and created through the IVF process into an embryo which is then transferred into the recipient mother’s womb. There is no genetic relationship between the child and the recipient. Being an egg donor is both financially and emotionally for many donors. 


Eight Steps to Donate Your Eggs

Step One – Fill out a short application to see if you meet our criteria and pass our initial screening. You will be contacted by phone. You must be between the ages of 18-35 and have no serious hereditary or genetic medical issues preventing your donation. 


Step Two – If you’re approved to continue, we’ll ask you to complete an online profile with more intensive questions about your medical history and personal traits. 


Step Three – We’ll take that information and make it available to our intended parents. Matching is a critical part of our process at Open Arms, so this might take longer than some donors anticipate. 


Step Four – Once matched with a family, we’ll conduct psychological and medical evaluations to ensure you’re safe, healthy and supported during the donation process. 


Step Five – When you come in for your next appointment, a consultant will meet with you to discuss the medical and legal risks of becoming an egg donor. 


Step Six- Next, you will begin taking hormone injections to stimulate egg production. Physicians will monitor you very closely during the final two weeks of your cycle. You will be asked to come in for a scan and blood test at that time to ensure that all is going well with ovulation and anticipate when eggs might start being collected.


Step Seven- You’ll be invited to the clinic for egg collection. This quick procedure will be under local anesthetic and oral sedation in the morning, with no overnight stay required. You can go home after a short period of rest & check-up when you’re done.


Step Eight – You will be compensated for your time and any expenses incurred during your screening visits.

To learn more or schedule a consultation, please contact us or give us a call at 941-741-4994


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