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Being a surrogate comes with several wonderful benefits, but it is not uncommon for potential surrogates to be apprehensive and unsure of whether or not to commit. You can rest assured that there are many amazing opportunities that come with being a surrogate. Keep in mind, some characteristics are highly sought after, but these traits alone do not determine who can and cannot be a surrogate.


You may have your own reasons for wanting to become a surrogate, but there are several different benefits that come with being one. Each of these benefits is completely unique to surrogacy, and you get to experience all of them if you decide to become a surrogate. These are only a few of the benefits that you can enjoy, but they are some of the major ones.

Giving Life

This is the most common sense benefit but one that is often overlooked by the surrogate. You get the chance to create a life that someone else cannot create for whatever reason. You get to help someone build their own family, and depending on your relationship with that person, you may get a whole new family yourself.


You get paid for being a surrogate, which is the initial incentive for some to become one. However, once a person discovers the joy of helping others by being a surrogate, the money will no longer be a priority.

Experiencing Pregnancy

Some women cannot get enough of the experience of being pregnant. You might already have a complete family of your own but love the feeling of growing a life inside you. Being a surrogate gives you the opportunity to have that feeling again.


Self Confidence

There is no better confidence boost for a woman than giving birth to a new life. You start by taking care of a new living being inside your own body for nine months, and then you tough it out through the pain of delivery. This gives you the biggest boost of confidence in the end, knowing you went through so much for such an amazing reward.


Health Care

When you decide to become a surrogate, you are instantly given access to amazing health care coverage. You get great care for yourself and the new life you are creating for someone else.


Desired Characteristics

Now, a candidate does not need to have a certain personality type to become a surrogate. However, some traits can cause a potential surrogate to be denied. If you find that you naturally exhibit some of the traits listed below, it is highly likely you will be a successful surrogate, as these are the most sought-after traits for potential surrogates.



Honesty is one of the most important traits you need to become a surrogate. People on all sides of the process need to be able to trust you, so honesty is absolutely essential. Also, you cannot possibly be a surrogate if you are not completely honest during the process of signing up to be one. It is not safe for you or the baby if you choose to be dishonest on the forms you have to fill out, especially if you neglect to list any possible health concerns.



You need to be a reliable person for this role, because you are taking on a huge task for another family. If you are not reliable, you might not be able to properly take care of the baby. You also need to be reliable so that the actual parents do not have to worry about you running off with the baby and not giving them their child.



Before you start the process of becoming a surrogate, you need to make sure you are in the best possible health. Some places will not allow a candidate to become a surrogate if they have a family history of certain health issues. They do this to prevent potential risks of the baby developing genetic health conditions as it grows older.


Good Communicator

You need to be able to communicate openly and easily. There will be many new people involved in your life that you will need to be able to talk to without any problems. You need to always keep the surrogate family, as well as the expecting parents, up to date with everything going on in the process of having the baby.



You do not need to be a genius to become a surrogate, but you do need to be smart. There is a lot of information to know when it comes to being a surrogate, and you need to be able to understand the whole process. One of the main factors that plays into being a surrogate is the legal aspect of carrying and giving birth to a child for someone else.



It is extremely important for you to be a nurturing person if you are planning to bring a new life into the world. Even though you are not keeping the child, you are still taking care of it for around nine months. This means you need to take special care to do everything you should to keep the baby safe and healthy.



To be a truly successful surrogate mother, you need to be responsible for everything you do. You should be able to follow through on instructions that are given to you without any problem. You also need to be sure to inform everyone involved if you are experiencing any kind of health concern during the surrogacy process.


Final Thoughts

Now that you have an understanding of what it takes to be a surrogate, you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with being one. You should never go into this without knowing it is the right thing for you, no matter what you might get out of it. That is why it is important to think hard about it and consider everything, the good and bad, that comes with being a surrogate before making the commitment.


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