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If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, then you are on the verge of helping another family have the baby they are longing for. It is important to partner with a reputable and professional surrogacy agency to enjoy a simple and stress-free surrogacy experience. This is especially true since the laws relating to surrogacy continue to evolve in each state across the country. When you begin to work with a surrogacy agency, you will sign a contract that helps you and the agency agree to specific terms. This is an important step toward achieving a successful surrogacy endeavor.

The Purposes of the Surrogate/Agency Contract

When an agency like Open Arms Surrogacy arranges a contract with a surrogate mother, that contract serves the purpose of establishing the exact roles of the agency throughout the entire process. A surrogate mother receives full support from her agency in the form of guidance through legal steps, medical evaluations, IVF, pregnancy, and birth. A contract specifies that the agency is the mediator who provides these forms of support, not the party responsible for paying compensation or medical bills. The handling of financial compensation and bill payment is covered in the contract between surrogate mother and intended parents.

In addition, a contract between a surrogate mother and agency also specifies what happens if the surrogate makes the decision to withdraw from the process after it has already commenced. Depending on the point within the surrogacy schedule that a surrogate mother changes her mind, she could be liable to the intended parents in different ways.

Furthermore, this type of contract specifies the agency’s involvement with the surrogacy cycle, including which decisions the agency is permitted to make. At Open Arms Surrogacy, for example, one consultant serves as the primary coordinator of the surrogacy cycle and is responsible for scheduling all medical appointments, making all travel arrangements, arranging attorney representation during the contract phase, and supporting the communication process with the clinic, intended parents, ob/gyn, and other important figures during the surrogacy process.

Overall, the contract between a surrogate mother and agency helps to set important legal expectations and avoid confusion throughout the surrogacy experience. Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation in Bradenton, Florida is one of the leading surrogacy agencies in the United States, so call today at (941) 741-4994 to begin your rewarding surrogacy journey.


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