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Souad Dreyfus was the On Air guest on WMNF 88.5 discussing legal issues of surrogacy! Click here to read more and to listen to the recorded broadcast!

Legal Issues of Surrogacy

Souad Dreyfus

Souad was invited to speak On Air at 88.5 WMNF on Nov. 21, 2019, about the legal issues of surrogacy. Joined in the studio by Tim Sullivan, who is the co-founder of My Surrogacy Escrow, Stefan Beurge & Roia Berrios, both attorneys who specialize in the legal complexities that can be involved with the diversity often found in surrogacy cases, and Christie Hiatt, who is a gestational surrogate.







Legal Issues Surrogacy

During the broadcast, a lot of ground was covered, including an informative discussion regarding some of the latest technology being used today in assisted reproductive procedures. Many of the common questions surrounding surrogacy were answered.



To hear a recording of the broadcast, visit this link and select 2019-11-21 (Thu) from the ‘Listen on Demand’ player in the right hand column (see illustration above)

Legal Issues of Surrogacy

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