Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation has been working with same-sex parents since 2003. As laws and regulations have changed over the years across the U.S., Open Arms has been right there making sure our LGBT parents have everything they need having their family. We educate ourselves on changing the legal expectations for our intended parents in order to achieve successful, rewarding family building through surrogacy and egg donation.

When screening new surrogate mothers from every state, Open Arms gets clear direction of the ease for same-sex parents in her state. Now, as we celebrate legal same-sex marriage across the United States, we continue to work with attorneys who specialize in surrogacy and egg donation in the surrogate mother’s home state to understand the impact of the new legislation, laws, statutes and regulations. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our same-sex intended parents from any country and their surrogate mother.

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Parents Testimonials

  • My first experience with Souad Heddada-Dreyfus was at a fertility specialist’s office. She worked in the office as the manager’s assistant. It was an awkward time, my wife and I were nervous and skeptical walking into this office and Souad took the tension out of the air. She has a great personality and confidently gets a couple past that first step and very comfortable with the process before them. We are one of the fortunate couples that stuck with the process for over a year and a half and now have our dream sleeping behind me – TWINS ? It was a long tough road of obstacles, from physicals, blood work, procedures, drugs, shots, donors, three failures, and the emotions that went along with them to a 4th successful attempt! The process was an emotional roller coaster. Souad was right there with us every step of the way. I was surprised that with all of the office visits we made she was consistently the rock always believing that we would have a family. Her support really was a key ingredient with us sticking with the program. There was another benefit to this rewarding experience, she is now a friend. I am happy to support this new business of hers. Souad will hold your hand through the difficult process of selecting an egg donor. And, like us maybe you will hear my favorite words out of her mouth – “I told you so”!

    From Richard H., father of twins… INTENDED PARENTS
  • We had tried for several years to start a family and had no success. We thought adoption was our only option until we explored having a surrogate carry our child. I am very happy to say that we are the proud parents of a 5 year old son and expecting our 2nd child in February. We still have several months to go, but we are all excited about expanding our family...our son is hoping for a baby brother. I want to wish all of you the best of luck as you attempt to start a family of your own.

    Michel R: Proud father of two boys INTENDED PARENTS
  • To all of you - Thank you so much to the donors and surrogates - who, in spite of any kind of compensation, have generously given of themselves!!! This is a HUGE deal!! I am thrilled to announce that with an Open Arms donor and an Open Arms surrogate, we are 22 weeks into our first pregnancy and expecting TWIN girls in June!! Our experience could not have been better. Both women who helped us have been gracious, kind, and loving in their approach to this cycle. My husband and I tried solo for 8 years, 8 LONG years of depression, tears, yo-yo moods and misery. Now - we are happily beyond all that and we are just now starting the household preparation. Our surrogate is lowering her work schedule and we are anxious for the big day!!!! Souad Dreyfus has been amazing. She was there every step of the way, smoothing out rough spots and anticipating any necessary effort on her part. Every day, we thank God for her!!!! I will graduate college just weeks before the babies come, and my husband and I will share completely in our miracle. He is even going to be Mr. Mom half-time!! Please - if you have any doubts, know that Souad, and her assistant will do everything in their power to assist you in this very difficult journey. It has all been worth it!! With best wishes for all of you embarking on this exploration: Congratulations and Best of Luck!!

    Elizabeth S: Soon to be mom to twin girls:-) INTENDED PARENTS
Open Arms Consultants cannot be held responsible for the intentional acts of donors, surrogates, Intended Parents or the medical or legal professionals associated with activities arising from assisted reproduction.
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