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The laws that govern the United States are always evolving, especially when it comes to surrogacy. Many states now openly embrace gestational surrogacy as a legal method to help parents have the families they have always wanted. However, many other countries around the world are not so lenient. In these places like France and Switzerland where surrogacy is not an option, hopeful parents turn to the United States for their surrogacy needs. Navigating surrogacy as an international intended parent is a truly unique experience, and finding the right surrogacy agency to provide unwavering support can make all the difference in your journey.

International Intended Parents and Distance

There are no words that adequately describe the important and memorable nature of pregnancy, and international intended parents face unique circumstances when determining how to experience their own surrogate’s pregnancy. Some intended parents remain in their country of origin throughout the duration of the pregnancy and only travel to the United States for certain doctor’s appointments and the birth. Other intended parents make arrangements to move to America and live in closer proximity to their surrogate throughout the pregnancy.

There is no right or wrong way to handle this; it’s a matter of weighing your priorities and finances. Many international intended parents travel to the U.S at the very beginning of the pregnancy, at the 20-week ultrasound, and for the birth. Open communication with your surrogate and surrogacy agency can help you feel your way through this new experience and make the decisions that will be best for everybody involved.

Staying Involved Over a Long Distance

If you choose to stay in your home country for the majority of your surrogate’s pregnancy, you may feel like you’re missing out on major moments. This fear can be overcome with simple communication with your surrogate. Since your agency will be sure to pair you with a surrogate who is comfortable working with international intended parents, she will understand your desire to stay involved. Communicate with her to determine the best ways to achieve participation throughout the pregnancy. Many intended parents use Skype and other video-based applications to stay connecting. Texting and email make instant communication effortless, especially for sending pictures and checking in.

Trusting Your Surrogate

Trusting a stranger in America to carry your baby can feel like a scary endeavor, and living thousands of miles away from her for nine months can be just as difficult. By working with a reputable and experienced surrogacy agency, you can rest easy that your surrogate is carefully selected based on her desire and ability to help you have a healthy baby. Once you get to know your surrogate, you will feel reassured that she has your best interest at heart. She will understand your unique struggle of living so far away, and will reach out to help you feel comfortable during the entire surrogacy experience.

Since your surrogacy agency will find, screen, interview, and manage your surrogate and surrogacy process, choosing the right agency is essential. Open Arms Surrogacy and Egg Donation is located in Bradenton, Florida to help couples from around the world achieve their most important goals of having children. The team at Open Arms Surrogacy consists of assisted reproduction experts with decades of experience and the true desire to help international families turn their dreams into reality. Call (941) 741-4994 to learn more!


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