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Open Arms Consultants Announces New Services: A Cost Cutting Relationship Management Program for Intended Parents and Surrogates

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Contact:Mrs. Souad DreyfusManaging Director
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Open Arms Consultants Announces New Services: A Cost Cutting Relationship Management Program for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Sarasota, Florida June 18, 2009 Open Arms Consultants, an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency located in Sarasota Florida, announced today a new service aimed at Intended Parents and Surrogates who are in the first stages of Third Party Family Building. The Open Arms Relationship Management Program is an ideal service for those who need the extra support and guidance from a reputable full service agency for less then half the cost. Working with Open Arms Consultants while going through the surrogacy journey will make the process less confusing and allow Intended Parents and Surrogates to enjoy the special bond that comes with helping each other in this very unique way. Because many Intended Parents have already found their own Gestational Carrier in order to cut costs, Open Arms Consultants has developed a Relationship Management Program just for those needing advise, information, guidance and support.

Open Arms Relationship Management Program includes but is not limited to:

-A complete list of references for Medical, Legal and Psychological professionals to work with our Open Arms clients

-Expert advice and guidance regarding surrogacy protocol and procedures. This would include such topics as:

*What fees can be expected for a surrogacy situation
*What are the “normal” surrogate benefits
*What protocol can be expected
*Why should there be an escrow account
*What can be expected with the amount of appointments, testing, travel etc. when this process is started
*What happens at the hospital
*Where does the baby stay?
*Who’s insurance pays for the baby after its born?
*What can be expected after the birth

-Open Arms will be available to all parties involved through e-mail, telephone calls, and face to face meetings (if requested) and even attend appointments when possible.

-Open Arms experts will be available throughout the pregnancy to assist in mediating any disagreements or issues that may arise.

Open Arms recognizes that not everyone who needs the assistance of a Surrogate Mother can afford the full agency fees. However, if a family member or friend has offered her help, then the Open Arms Relationship Management Program is available to guide and support all parties through the surrogacy process with minimal cost to the Intended Parents. An added bonus is that if the chosen Surrogate doesn’t medically or psychologically qualify, Open Arms can assist Intended Parents in finding a compassionate and dedicated woman to carry their baby for them.

About Open Arms Consultants: Open Arms Consultants is a Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency located in Sarasota Florida and is totally equipped to gently guide Intended Parents toward uniting with egg donors or surrogates. Open Arms works hand-in-hand with reputable fertility specialists, psychologists, and attorneys —each familiar with the complexities of Surrogacy and egg donation. Open Arms handles all services with determination, dedication, and the wisdom that comes with experience. Open Arms will coordinate every detail—screening potential donors, locating appealing surrogates, arranging introductions, coordinating medical services, arranging travel details—and adding emotional support and compassion at every step. Please contact Open Arms Consultants for more details.


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