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Mrs. Souad Dreyfus of Open Arms Consultants attended the 2010 Resolve Family Building Conference in Atlanta GA on May 1st. Open Arms had a booth and spoke to many Intended Parents regarding the surrogacy and egg donation process. Other topics that were addressed at the conference were about the newest cutting-edge treatments in the medical field, including the latest treatments for male infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, recurrent pregnancy loss and egg freezing for fertility preservation from top experts in the reproductive endocrinology and infertility field. There were also experts who helped in getting attendees started on the adoption path, navigate the ins and outs of domestic and international adoption and learn about the home study process. Attorneys practicing in the infertility field of medicine made the attendees aware of the laws in this area and how they may affect their family building decisions. A parent panel discussed the realities of families built through different paths: adoption, using a gestational carrier, IVF, IVF with donated eggs and embryo donation. There was also a portion of the conference dedicated to the mind-body connection with complementary treatments and how to strengthen healthy relationships during this time of stress. Budgeting for Infertility author, Dr. Evelina Sterling was on hand to provide tips on how to afford IVF treatments or adoption and the Keynote address was given by author/researcher, Dawn Davenport, winner of the 2009 Congressional Coalition on Adoption’s “Angels in Adoption Award” and Department of Health and Human Services “Excellence in Adoption Award” and founder of Creating a Family.


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