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I would like to thank Sylvie and Dominique founders of C.L.A.R.A.(Comité de soutien pour la Légalisation de la GPA (Gestation Pour Autrui) et l’Aide à la Reproduction Assistée) for giving Open Arms Consultants the opportunity to be part of this wonderful conference held in Paris on November 14th. I had a chance to meet so many Intended Parents seeking parenthood through Gestational Surrogacy and/or Egg Donation. I listened to stories about their attempts at pregnancy, failures and hopes for the future…it was a wonderful rewarding experience and Open Arms can’t wait to be part of it next year!

For those of you not aware of the The Comité de Soutien pour la Légalisation de la GPA et l’Aide à la Reproduction Assistée (C.L.A.R.A.) Symposium held in Paris last month, I am here to say it was a wonderful success! Discussed were the latest developments in the field of Surrogacy and Gamete donation as well as how to insure the children born of “GPA” are recognized along with what access to information of birth for children born by “GPA” and concerns regarding Traditional Surrogacy among other concerns. Legal, psychological and clinical issues were also discussed with infertility professionals from France, Canada, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, and the United States of America.
Thank you again Sylvie and Dominique!
Souad Dreyfus

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