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More and more parents today have realized their dream of creating a family through egg donation and/or surrogacy. For many, the complexities and difficulties seem overwhelming—but that ’s where we come in.

We coordinate every detail of your journey from beginning to end—so you don’t have to. You take care of your health, and we take care of the rest. And, our relationship does not end once a pregnancy is achieved. Open Arms specializes in maintaining and nurturing our relationship even after your baby is born.

Having Cycle Care Coordinators that speak English, French, Spanish or Arabic, we are able to work with intended parents from all over the globe. Our experience has taught us how to handle each journey delicately with each country by understanding the intricacies related to travel, birth certificates, and parentage. We are committed to our intended parents and their children until all loose ends are tied.

Surrogacy and egg donation opens up a world of possibilities for our same-sex couples and the entire LBGT community for expanding their families. We offer consultations that address particular issues that only relate to same-sex couples and the LGBT community and provide the important information that helps make the best decisions for you and your family.

Our goal is simple – if you are financially and emotionally ready to become a parent, we are ready to help you achieve that…with Open Arms.

Schedule your FREE consultation today to learn more about how we can help you bring your baby home.

Our Mission For Our Intended Parents:

The mission of Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation is to form long-lasting bonds with our ever-growing family while compassionately and successfully delivering on the promise of a rewarding experience.

Egg Donation

What We Do

  • Help you to find your perfect match.
  • Act as a third party communicator between you and your chosen egg donor
  • Refer you to reputable fertility specialists and reproductive attorneys, if requested
  • Work with your egg donor to schedule medical and psychological evaluations, understand financial considerations, and complete legal contracts.
  • Provide you and your egg donor with accidental health insurance that will cover any unexpected medical complication caused by the egg donation cycle.
  • Manage your donor escrow account and provide you with an expense report to view charges and payments
  • Act as liaisons between you and your selected egg donor in order to give you the best experience with the least amount of stress.

At Open Arms, we understand completely what it takes to arrange, manage, nurture, and successfully complete the surrogate process from beginning to end. We make it as comfortable as possible for all parties involved.

We’ll act as a third-party communicator between you and your chosen surrogate, offering support and guidance throughout the process. If needed, we’ll refer you to successful fertility specialists, reputable reproductive attorneys and dedicated escrow agents. We’ll help your surrogate schedule medical and psychological screenings, understand financial considerations, and complete legal contracts. We’ll review insurance options that will best serve both you and your surrogate mother.  We’ll act as liaisons between you and your selected surrogate to give you the best experience with the least amount of stress.

What We Do:

  • Work to find you your ideal surrogate mother.  Through our screening process with our surrogate mothers and getting to know you, we present possible profiles that we feel will be your “best fit”.
  • Facilitate an in-person or video conference for you to meet your potential surrogate mother and allow you to decide if she is the one for you.
  • Act as a third party communicator between you and your chosen surrogate mother
  • Refer you to reputable fertility specialists and reproductive attorneys, and licensed and bonded escrow agents,  if requested
  • Work with your surrogate mother to schedule medical and psychological evaluations, understand financial considerations, and complete legal contracts.
  • Be present for embryo transfers, ultra sounds and births if requested.
  • Work with financial and billing departments to help manage insurance claims and medical payments
  • Arrange for consultation with our insurance professional to discuss insurance options
  • Connect with the hospital and social worker/case management prior to the birth to assure all goes well the day of the delivery.

Open Arms Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Estimate of Costs

Financial Considerations For An Egg Donation Cycle

Compensation for Your Egg Donor – (based on experience) $6,000 +
Psychological Evaluation- Egg Donor $300-500
Legal Fees $1,000 – $1,500
Travel for Evaluation & Retrieval $1,000 – $4,000

Financial Considerations For A Surrogacy Cycle

Base Compensation for Your Surrogate – (based on experience) $30,000 – $45,000+
Additional Surrogate Mother Compensation based on event $4,000 –  $20,000
Psychological screening of surrogate and spouse/partner

  • Includes joint evaluation and scored personality test of surrogate
  • Joint evaluation with surrogate mother, spouse and intended parents may be required
$500 – $1,500
Escrow agent services $1,500 – $2,000
Attorney fees-Surrogate’s representation for review of contract $1,000 – $1,500
Attorney fees-Drafting of contract and pleadings $5,500 – $7, 500
Travel Expenses for initial consultation with clinic and transfer

  • Airfare for surrogate and companion (for transfer)
  • Lodging
$1,000 – $4,000

Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Intended Parents

Open Arms Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents

After our experience is over, will we have contact with our surrogate?

This depends on the relationship you develop with the surrogate during the pregnancy. Sometimes lasting ties are formed and the friendship continues; at other times this is not so.

Are you sure the surrogate will relinquish the baby at birth?

Proper screening, clear communication, and ongoing mediation help to minimize this risk. Because we do not work with traditional arrangements, a surrogate is carrying a child with no biological ties. Although she will most likely bond with the baby, she has a full understanding that the baby is not her own child.

Does insurance usually cover any of the expenses of surrogacy?

Surrogacy arrangements are rarely covered by insurance, but this is a question you need to pose to your own insurance representative.

During the pregnancy, what if we have differences of opinion with the surrogate about her care?

You are trusting your surrogate with your child. While you may want to question her, overdoing it may give the wrong impression. This is a key area that Open Arms Consultants specializes in-acting as a mediator and buffer between Intended Parents and the surrogate. We keep communications open as a caring yet neutral intermediary. We maintain the pulse of the relationship, and let you know how your surrogate is feeling.

Have you screened your donors before adding them to your database?

We review all of our donors’ medical history, looking for genetic conditions that may affect your baby. Actual medical screening must be done immediately prior to donation to insure the good health of all involved.

How closely involved will we be with the surrogate?

The level of involvement depends on both the Intended Parents and the surrogate’s desires. These details are just some of the complex issues we walk you through at Open Arms Consultants. We attempt to match Intended Parents with surrogates who have similar wishes concerning the level of involvement. Our surrogates do sign a medical release allowing the sharing of medical information during the pregnancy. Most couples and surrogates agree to share the delivery and birth experience.

How long does it take a couple to find a compatible match?

Each case is unique, depending on the couples’ wishes. When couples desire a surrogate with a particular religious or ethnic background, or one near their own geographical area, it may take more time to find just the right match.

How old are the donors in the Open Arms database?

All of our donors are between 21 and 29 years old.

If I choose egg donation, will I meet the donor?

Not usually. The egg donation process is strictly confidential. Donors and recipients may correspond through our agency, and often develop a bond on a first-name basis. On some occasions, if both parties agree, donors and recipients may meet.

I’ve heard that we may have to adopt our child after the surrogate gives birth. Is this true?

In some cases this has been true, depending on the nature of the arrangement and the particular state and court. Florida, the home of Open Arms Consultants, is one of the friendliest states towards surrogacy. In a gestational surrogate arrangement, both sperm and egg come from the Intended Parents so no adoption would be required.

We are ready to pursue surrogacy. How do we get started?

Your first step is to contact Open Arms Consultants. We will walk you through every step, every contract, every process, every procedure, and every detail. We welcome you with open arms!

We don’t want to get our hopes too high. Does surrogacy always work?

Success depends on many factors. Your physician knows your circumstances best and understands the unique fertility issues you are facing.

What are the legal issues of surrogacy?

Each state has its own laws regarding surrogacy. Open Arms Consultants is based in Florida, where the laws are the friendliest towards surrogacy.

What factors should I consider in choosing a donor?

Frequently, the factors in choosing a donor involve hair and eye color, body type, and resemblance to the Intended Parents. For others, education, culture, and ethnicity are more important. You will need to consider what is most important to you, with the understanding that even biological children rarely look exactly like their parents or siblings.

What if for future medical reasons, I need the donor’s identity?

Under extreme circumstances, we will discreetly contact one of the parties with the request for information. However, we have promised our donors anonymity.

What if I can’t find an acceptable donor in your database?

We will find her for you! If you communicate your needs and desires, we will advertise in the right areas to find a suitable donor.

What if I choose a donor that does not live near my fertility specialist or me?

We can arrange transportation to the clinic of your choice. Often, the clinic will ask us to have the donor screened locally and have the results sent to your clinic. We can easily accommodate all parties.

Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Intended Parents

Open Arms Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Video Testimonials

Open Arms Guide to Egg Donation for Intended Parents

Open Arms Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Parents Testimonials

  • It all started with a chat, one made decision and a lot of reading, searching, and questions. Later on, a twelve hour flight and a six hour drive for the first appointment with the staff of OAC. All of them were very helpful and understood the incredible load of doubts we were carrying. Being parents was such a big dream that wanted to team with the best. And so we did. Every advice, suggestion and answer had always professional side but also a human one. We went through a long long path guided by Nella Vera, who was a lighthouse in our way. She took care of everything, the fertility clinic, the surrogate, the hospital and whatever else the process needed. Couldn´t be possible without her. When we decided to start working with OAC, somebody told us “You have the dream team complete”. Today, with our hearts full of happiness, blessed by our twins, we are sure that the expression was true. Our endless thanks to Nella and the staff of OAC for their work, patience, effort, and for being with us whenever we needed.

    Elizabeth & Marcos from Argentina INTENDED PARENTS
  • We were already in touch with surrogacy agencies before meeting Souad. What surprised us when we talked to her was the incredible human dimension that Open Arms is trying to set up both for intended parents and for the surrogate.   Open Arms (and Souad) was recommended to us by friends, and we felt a very good connection with the team. When you start a journey like surrogacy, you need to trust the people who will guide you through the process during a whole year, in particular when you live on the other side of the Atlantic. Souad and Julie were with us at each step. They allowed us to meet our amazing surrogate. They lived every good moments with us. They helped us go through our doubts and fears.   The best testimonial we could give is that if we had to do it again, we would certainly call Open Arms.

    2 dads from France INTENDED PARENTS
  • After a very long medical journey and an attempt for adoption which remained both without success, we looked in building our family using a method we never imagine before; surrogacy.   After choosing the OpenArms team, this journey was the start of a human journey; voyages and people meetings. The second Nounou and the second Egg donor were the right persons who allow us the achievement of 6 weeks of twin pregnancy today. We do cross our fingers for the rest of the pregnancy.   We have especially appreciated the quality and the regular communication of this agency which work with excellent medical and attorney teams.

    Miko and Rafaële INTENDED PARENTS
  • I loved working with Souad and Open Arms Consultants. She made the process of choosing the donor so simple, and made the communication between me and the donor so much less stressful than I anticipated. They were on top of everything and I had no worries.

    Tina C: Soon to be mom INTENDED PARENTS
  • My first experience with Souad Heddada-Dreyfus was at a fertility specialist’s office. She worked in the office as the manager’s assistant. It was an awkward time, my wife and I were nervous and skeptical walking into this office and Souad took the tension out of the air. She has a great personality and confidently gets a couple past that first step and very comfortable with the process before them. We are one of the fortunate couples that stuck with the process for over a year and a half and now have our dream sleeping behind me – TWINS ? It was a long tough road of obstacles, from physicals, blood work, procedures, drugs, shots, donors, three failures, and the emotions that went along with them to a 4th successful attempt! The process was an emotional roller coaster. Souad was right there with us every step of the way. I was surprised that with all of the office visits we made she was consistently the rock always believing that we would have a family. Her support really was a key ingredient with us sticking with the program. There was another benefit to this rewarding experience, she is now a friend. I am happy to support this new business of hers. Souad will hold your hand through the difficult process of selecting an egg donor. And, like us maybe you will hear my favorite words out of her mouth – “I told you so”!

    From Richard H., father of twins… INTENDED PARENTS
  • Working with Souad was extremely easy. Souad is very friendly, courteous, professional, and prompt to respond. The complete process was emotionally exhausting, but Souad made it very comfortable for us. Since we stay in a different state, we initially had some concerns about communication. But Souad was very prompt and informative throughout our communication via phone and email. She helped us make a right decision about the donor. Our overall experience with Open Arms Consultants was very good and we would highly recommend them to any other parents to be.

    From: Parents_ToBe INTENDED PARENTS
  • We had tried for several years to start a family and had no success. We thought adoption was our only option until we explored having a surrogate carry our child. I am very happy to say that we are the proud parents of a 5 year old son and expecting our 2nd child in February. We still have several months to go, but we are all excited about expanding our family...our son is hoping for a baby brother. I want to wish all of you the best of luck as you attempt to start a family of your own.

    Michel R: Proud father of two boys INTENDED PARENTS
  • To all of you - Thank you so much to the donors and surrogates - who, in spite of any kind of compensation, have generously given of themselves!!! This is a HUGE deal!! I am thrilled to announce that with an Open Arms donor and an Open Arms surrogate, we are 22 weeks into our first pregnancy and expecting TWIN girls in June!! Our experience could not have been better. Both women who helped us have been gracious, kind, and loving in their approach to this cycle. My husband and I tried solo for 8 years, 8 LONG years of depression, tears, yo-yo moods and misery. Now - we are happily beyond all that and we are just now starting the household preparation. Our surrogate is lowering her work schedule and we are anxious for the big day!!!! Souad Dreyfus has been amazing. She was there every step of the way, smoothing out rough spots and anticipating any necessary effort on her part. Every day, we thank God for her!!!! I will graduate college just weeks before the babies come, and my husband and I will share completely in our miracle. He is even going to be Mr. Mom half-time!! Please - if you have any doubts, know that Souad, and her assistant will do everything in their power to assist you in this very difficult journey. It has all been worth it!! With best wishes for all of you embarking on this exploration: Congratulations and Best of Luck!!

    Elizabeth S: Soon to be mom to twin girls:-) INTENDED PARENTS
  • My wife and I found out that in order to have children we would need an egg donation. We started our search in the internet with a very little knowledge regarding egg donation in the USA (we are not US citizens and we leave 7 time zones away…), and we stumbled upon Souad Dreyfus agency- Openarms consultants. Souad led us through difficult times when we had to choose a donor and conducted the whole procedure from a different continent. She gave us great advices during this time and she took control of coordinating between our fertility clinic and the donor coming from a different state with great success. I can honestly say that Souad put a lot of effort to make everything work and her efforts proved crucial in order to achieve a happy end. I don't know if the results were the same with a different agency… If you are looking for an honest and professional agency as a future parents who need egg donation services – Openarms is yours Today my wife and myself are expecting our first twin children- a boy & a girl, and a huge credit from that belongs to Souad Dreyfus from Openarms agency.

    From Israel: Guy INTENDED PARENTS
  • In September 2006, when I went to the hospital to deliver my first son, I didn't expect any bad thing happen but it did. Because of the complication, I had a partial hysterectomy after an emergency C-section, which took away my chance of natural pregnancy. I was devastated because we love kids and have planned to have lots of kids. Our only choice of having more kids is through surrogate mother. After my son turned 2, We started talking to our fertility doctors for treatment. Souad was strongly recommended to us by our doctor. We contacted her in a short while and right away we knew she was the one we are looking for. She was professional,caring and honest plus she always has an answer for everything! Under her unconditional help, we found our surrogate, who is a wonderful person, and became a true friend of us. Now she is 16 weeks pregnant with our twins! We feel so blessed for having Souad. If anyone has any questions, we will be happy to share our story with you.

    Xihui (Miami, FL) INTENDED PARENTS
Open Arms Consultants cannot be held responsible for the intentional acts of donors, surrogates, Intended Parents or the medical or legal professionals associated with activities arising from assisted reproduction.
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