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Congrats, Parents, you did it. You made it through an exciting surrogacy process and now have a new journey before you: parenthood. Now that your baby is here, the adventure of raising them begins! 

At Open Arms, we’re happy to guide parents through this exciting phase of your life. Here are some tips and guidance on adjusting to parenthood after a successful surrogacy experience.

Embrace the Moment

The first moments with your baby are precious. It’s essential to embrace the joy and wonder of this new beginning. It can be so tempting to feel overwhelmed by the new frontier that lay before your family. Don’t lose out on the small moments of the present by trying to think ahead and plan for the future. Take the time to bond with your child, holding them close, and experiencing the profound emotions that come with parenthood.

Seek Support from Other Trusted Parents

Even though your journey was unique, the challenges of parenthood are universal. Reach out to friends, family, and support groups. Sharing your experiences and seeking advice from others can provide a sense of community and validation. Remember to take all advice with a grain of salt. There are plenty of pathways to being a good parent, and no “perfect” parenting style exists. 

Establish a Routine

Creating a daily routine can help provide stability and predictability for both you and your baby. Babies thrive on schedules that evolve as they go throughout their first year. Knowing what your routine is and establishing one that works for your child can make the adjustment to parenthood smoother. Don’t forget to establish a routine alongside your partner. Sharing parental load is important for all families. 

Remember Self-Care

Taking care of your baby means taking care of yourself as well. We’re not saying you have to shell out a ton for monthly spa treatments and lavish expenses, but prioritize self-care, including getting enough rest and eating well. Work in time for activities that bring you joy. A well-rested and happy parent is better equipped to care for their child.

Learn Together

Remember that parenting is a learning process. You and your partner, if applicable, will continuously learn about your child’s needs and development. Be open to new information, ask questions, and seek guidance when needed. Learning something new doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you a caring parent. 

Seek Professional Help if Necessary

Parenting can be challenging, and it’s okay to ask for help! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider seeking the advice of a pediatrician, therapist, or counselor. These professionals can provide valuable guidance and support.

Bond with Your Surrogate, If They Wish

Your surrogate played a significant role in bringing your child into the world. At the start of your surrogacy process, you’ve likely worked with your agency to establish what communication looks like with the surrogate. Maintain a relationship with her if both parties are comfortable with it. Including her in your child’s life can provide an invaluable connection and insight into their early development.

Legal and Administrative Matters

Ensure all legal and administrative matters are in order. This includes updating birth certificates, passports, and any legal documents regarding parental rights. Be thorough in this process to avoid future complications.

Stay Patient and Flexible

Babies have their own schedules and temperaments. Stay patient and flexible in your approach to parenting. What works for one child may not work for another, so adapt as needed.

Maintain a Connection with Your Surrogacy Agency 

We want to keep in touch with you! Nearly all surrogacy agencies out there will want to hear from you. At Open Arms, we’re happy to provide resources, answer questions, and offer assistance when you need it. 

Surrogacy is just the start of an exciting new adventure — parenthood. While it may come with challenges and adjustments, the love and joy you’ll experience will make it all worth it. The Open Arms team is here for you during your transition into parenthood! You’re part of our Open Arms family, after all! We’re excited to celebrate this new chapter with you. Call (941) 741-4994 to learn more about becoming an Intended Parent with Open Arms! 


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