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Whether you are an intended parent or an intended surrogate
mother, chances are that your choice to participate in surrogacy came after
weeks, months, and perhaps even years of consideration, research, and deep
thought. However, once this decision has been made, many other decisions pop up
demanding your attention. The first and most important when entering surrogacy
is whether to work with a surrogacy agency or complete the surrogacy
Success stories can be found regarding both experiences, and
some people easily fall into a surrogacy with a close friend or family member,
but overall an agency can provide a safer, more positive experience whether you
are the intended parent or the surrogate mother.

To begin with, agencies ensure thorough pre-screening tests – like
psychological evaluations, criminal background checks, and medical screenings –
to guarantee that the intended parents and the surrogate mother meet strict
requirements. These tests serve to build trust between the intended parents and
the surrogate.  As an intended parent,
you can rest easy knowing that your surrogate mother takes excellent care of
herself and will take perfect care of your child. As a surrogate, you can
confidently trust that your intended parents will maintain their varied responsibilities
throughout the surrogacy. During this time, the agency works as an intermediary
to ensure all parties are protected and no one is forced into a vulnerable or
uncomfortable situation.
In addition, most agencies can refer you to an
attorney qualified in third party reproduction and reproduction law. While most
agencies will not get involved in contract negotiations or communications with
the attorney, they will work to ensure the contract is executed in a timely
manner and that everyone involved has a copy.
Working with an agency also provides the benefits of
professional connections. Rather than trying to find a great match on your own,
an agency utilizes an application process and profile to help surrogate mothers
and intended parents find their best matches.
Communication, relationship, and
delivery expectations are coordinated based on similar desires, so intended
parents and surrogates can connect with each other and agree on the
fundamentals throughout the entire surrogacy.  
Of course, a surrogacy agency also provides constant and
individualized support for the intended parents and the surrogate mother.
Support groups, wellness programs, emergency communication, nutritional
guidelines, and other perks exist to help both sides of the surrogacy
experience the process with as little stress as possible.
Surrogacy embraces the beautiful act of humans joining together
to create another life, and agencies are here to establish, guide, and support
that process.


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