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When a Gestational Carrier is pregnant for her Intended Parents there is sometimes the controversy regarding who is in “control” of the pregnancy. The baby may be biologically the IP’s but the Surrogate is the one who is attending all the OB appointments, taking the required medications or multi vitamins, making sure she is eating properly and taking good care of herself, generally speaking. The IP’s are paying the bills, attempting to learn about how this whole “pregnancy thing” works and perhaps feeling a little left out.

This is where a good agency comes into play. A lot of the issues that can be controversial should be discussed before the contract is even signed…how the GS feels about the IP’s being in the labor room, how she feels about allowing the IP’s to be at the OB appointments, how she feels about the possibility of carrying twins or more. Getting to know the expectations of all parties before the pregnancy will reduce the questions surrounding the “what if” factors and help the surrogate lead her IP’s through the mystery’s of pregnancy….after all, she has been through it all before.


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