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Souad Dreyfus had the pleasure of speaking at a Resolve meeting on January 13th. The topics of discussion revolved around all aspects of Egg Donation including how to select a donor, what to expect when going through an egg and/or sperm donation cycle and how to deal with the emotional distress that might be experienced when using someone else’s genetics to conceive a child. Open Arms believes that support groups, like RESOLVE, are so important when going through the Third Party Reproduction Process!

If you are interested in having Souad speak at your Support Group, Seminar or Conference regarding Surrogacy or Egg Donation, please call the number below.

Open Arms Consultants. Inc
Active Member of: ASRM, RESOLVE, AFA.
3412, Clark Road. #100
Sarasota, Florida 34231
Ph: 941 741 4994
Fax: 941 744 1942


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