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We’re all spending more time indoors lately and it can be boring after awhile. You start to get cabin fever, and the kids start to run around the house screaming because they don’t have anything fun to do. We’re here to help you find some fun crafts that you can put together and do at home with your kids. This will keep them entertained for hours, and it will also keep them out of your hair while they do these crafts. Without further introduction, let’s take a look at the crafts that you can do at home with your kids.

Homemade Hand Puppets

This is easy to do, cheap, and fun for everyone. The type of puppet can even range from sock, to paper bag. You can use whatever resources you have available to you, or you can order some stickers and paint online and have the materials sent to you within a few days. Your kids can create their own puppet monsters, or puppet heroes. They can put on a show, or they can battle each other with different puppets throughout the day.

Jellyfish decorations

You can create your own aquarium trips by making jellyfish out of paper plates and some string. There are ways of folding paper into the body of the jellyfish if you don’t have paper plates available, and you can always use whatever string-like object around your home to substitute for the yarn. But this will give your kids something fun to do while they make their very own unique jellyfish, and they can hang them up in their rooms or play with them when they are finished. On that note, if you have the paper plates, you can make fish to go with the jellyfish

To make the fish, just cut out a mouth piece for the fish, add on some googly eyes, and let your kids have a blast painting and coloring their fish until it is done. These can also be used as decorations, or your kids can play with them along with the jellyfish that they have just made.

They can make Play-Doh

If you have baking soda, cornstarch, and water available, you and your kids can make homemade Play-doh. This dough is completely safe for kids to play with and doesn’t dry out as quickly. If the dough does dry out, you can easily make it again with the same ingredients. The color will be white due to the cornstarch and baking soda, but if you have food coloring lying around, you can add that to the mix and make the dough any color you and your kids want.

Get the kids in the garden with an old gallon jug and some water

You can turn almost any gallon jug into a watering can when you poke holes into the lid of the jug. Fill the jug with water after poking and cleaning the holes, and your kids will be watering the lawn and garden until the sun goes down. And if the weather is warm enough, you can even send them out there in bathing suits and let them splash each other with the water from the jug for a little extra fun.

Painting with taped sections

If you have paint, a piece of paper, and some tape lying around, this is a great idea for kids and parents alike. You can tape off sections of the paper and create shapes to paint in. Once you are finished painting all of the areas that aren’t taped up, you can peel off the tape and see the masterpiece that you have created. This is something that your kids will find very cool, and they might want to redecorate their entire room with these pictures when they are done.

Painting with old toys

If tape is too much work, have your kids get an old toy car, animal toy, or anything else that the paint will stick through. Cover the bottom of the toy in a little bit of paint and let the kids work their magic. They will have fun playing with some of their favorite toys, and they will be so excited about the unique and original artwork that they will have by the end of the painting project.

Origami and paper bracelets

You can do a lot with the art of Origami. You can make animals, flowers, and even jewelry. This isn’t a craft that will be easily completed and forgotten about in a day either. This is something that keeps kids engaged for hours at a time. When you give a child the opportunity to create a dinosaur or a bracelet out of paper, they become dedicated to completing the task, once they figure out how to do it.

When all else fails, the classic paper airplane will be just as fun

Kids can be picky, and sometimes they don’t like putting in extra work for crafts. However, there are plenty of websites online that will show your kids all of the different planes that you can make with a piece of paper and some tape. If no other suggestion kept your kids entertained for hours, this one will. You can find a video online, or you can find a website dedicated to paper airplanes, and your kids will be sent on a journey through the sky.Well, there you have it. These are some of the best ways that you can keep your child entertained and happy while in quarantine. There are plenty of ways you can distract your child and keep them safe indoors, but making it a craft gives you something to bond over. They get to spend time with you and they will have something amazing to show for it. Not to mention that they will come out of this experience with a new skill or treasured item whether it be an origami bracelet made from scratch, or a brand new watering jug.

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