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You have decided that you want to go on a surrogacy journey, it is very important to get a surrogacy agency that is professional and that will meet all of your required goals. Surrogacy agencies are mostly used by the surrogates and intended parents to make the whole process much easier. These agencies will be very vital in helping you with the coordination of the surrogacy journey by ensuring that it is less stressful. Most of these agencies also have professionals that offer complete support and counseling to ensure that your family successfully brings forth a child into this universe.

There are some very important factors that you have to look out for in a surrogacy agency based on the kind of propositions they offer. These will be very important in ensuring that you go through the entire process smoothly without breaking a sweat. Discussed below in details are some of these important aspects:

1.  Experience of the Agency

• The experience of the particular surrogacy agency you are looking to work with is very critical.
• You need to look out for an agency that has a successful past experience of offering the services of surrogacy.
• An agency that has had a vast experience in this field will give the potential parents an easy time since the team in charge will be very much aware of any sort of challenges that may crop up during the process of surrogacy.
• Very many new agencies for surrogacy are coming up in recent times. However, these may not be highly recommended since you may end up having complications due to their lack of sufficient experience.
2. Transparency and Credibility of the Agency
• When you are looking to get an agency that is trustworthy, it is very important to do your due diligence to ensure that you end up working with the very best.
• Credibility is very important, and takes quite a while to build, but the problem is that it takes a very short time to completely lose it as well.
• For you to be able to gauge thoroughly whether an agency is credible or not, you need to have an interaction with them yourself, either physically or even by virtual means.
• Relying so much on reviews may not give you the real picture at hand, since the latter may as well be manipulated by jealous competitors to paint an agency in a certain manner.
• You can get the true picture by at least getting in touch with some intended parents that underwent a successful surrogacy. Such people can give you information that can help you gauge the credibility of the agency without any bias-ness whatsoever.
• In terms of transparency, from the immediate time you pick up your call to make inquiries about a certain surrogacy agency, you will know by how they are answering your questions, if they are being transparent or not.
• It is very key for the agency to be fully transparent and answer all your potential questions without behaving like they have got something to hide. This will also help you in building your confidence levels in them.
3. Pre-screening and Processes of Matching
• It is the responsibility of the potential surrogacy agency you are planning to work with, to ensure that they have done their due diligence on the potential surrogate they intend to give you.
• Very thorough pre-screening needs to be done therefore, on the potential surrogate. These includes reviews on things such evaluation of their mental state, their medical history as well as other general qualifications that will ensure that they make the cut.
• The agency should also help you with the matching process, to ensure that you get a surrogate that has the same values as that of your family.
• They can do this by creating a profile for you as the intended parent, thus easily matching the core values with a potential surrogate.
4. Payments and Legal Issues
• The entire process of surrogacy entails a lot of aspects that are legally-connected.
• You therefore need to work with an agency that is very well familiar and vast with all the legal requirements.
• The agency should be able to handle the policies of insurance, contacts as well as other legal matters that may be involved in the whole process.
• You therefore need to have an agency, you can fully trust to be able to effectively coordinate the communication between the intended parents and the potential surrogates in regards to the legal issues.
• Some of the legal paperwork that are often quite crucial and important include the payment contacts for the surrogacy process as well as the pre- and post-birth orders.
• The agency that you are potentially looking to work with should also be able to connect you with a family lawyer that is trusted, with whom you can make decisions that are viable legally.
5. Reliable Support for the Potential Surrogate and the Intended Parents
• There is very great need for adequate emotional support for the intended parents and the potential surrogates, even as they prepare to undergo the process of surrogacy.
• An agency that has adequate wisdom and is knowledgeable about the importance of psychological support from the initial process all the way beyond delivery is crucial.
• The surrogacy agency should thus take you through psychological assessments periodically throughout the journey. This will work to ensure that you remain in a mental state that is stable.
• Walking the journey with the right agency will therefore ensure that your mind is settled and at ease all the time, by guaranteeing professional support and wellbeing.Choosing to work with an agency to help you with the process and procedure that surrogacy entails is a very well thought decision. You therefore need to know some of the most important aspects of doing the latter. Getting the right agency will be very instrumental in ensuring that the process is less stressful to you. You will have a child brought into your home with so much happiness and less stress because you chose to walk the surrogacy journey with a reputable and very reliable agency for surrogacy. You must thus choose wisely.

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