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Surrogacy serves different parents differently. However, once you have settled on surrogacy, you have to decide whether you will approach it independently or whether you will use the services of a surrogacy agency. For any parent that is new to surrogacy, it would be best to use the services of a surrogacy agency. An agency will help you have a stress-free journey. Surrogacy requires trust and honesty, and a good agency will guarantee this. You should consider working with a surrogacy agency on account of several pertinent reasons.

1. Expert Support

Surrogacy has many complications. You will need to take care of several issues at different stages of the process. You will need great coordination and planning. You will also need to sign legal contracts. All this can be overwhelming at times. If you have never done it before, you may get lost along the way. It can be stressful and may be straining. However, if you choose to use a surrogacy agency, it will ease all this pressure. You do not have to have had prior experience. The agency will guide you along the way until you get your baby. The surrogacy agency will provide experts to carry out most of the work for you.

The team of experts you will work with consists of professionals from different fields, each carrying out their tasks in line with helping you achieve your goal. A combination of skills and experience ensure nothing is left to chance and that they meet all your needs.

2. The Agency Takes Care of Everything

We all want smooth processes. We want to enjoy every experience without any hassles or tussles. However, the journey to parenting is never easy, leave alone surrogacy. Surrogacy requires more than a normal surrogacy would. There are many things to take care of and you always have to be alert not to forget anything as it would impact the entire process. You can avoid all the stress and anxiety by engaging a surrogacy agency. You will get experts to hold your hand throughout the process. They will take care of everything for you and guide you through the decisions you need to make. As such, you will have very little to fret over.

3. We Will Take Care of Legal Requirements

Surrogacy is governed under the surrogacy law. Chances are, you may not be well-acquainted with surrogacy law. An understanding of all the legal elements of surrogacy is very critical. It will ensure you are protected from any legal conflicts going into the future. You need to know how to handle the contracts as well as taking care of the legal needs of all parties involved. You, however, do not need to be a legal expert if you are using the services of a surrogacy agency. You also do not need a lawyer to draft your contract. The surrogacy agencies have legal experts that will take care of all legal requirements for you. They will ensure your surrogacy journey goes well as per the law. The agencies usually have a team of legal representatives that are adept with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law.

4. Proper Surrogate or Donor Screening

In surrogacy, background information is very important. you need to know the background of your donors or your surrogate. As an intended parent, you would want to know the personal and medical history of your surrogate. Agencies have sufficient resources to carry out screening on the parties involved. They will check on the individual’s background to determine if there is anything of concern. They also carry out tests to determine compatibility to ensure the pregnancy goes to term. They also screen for sexually transmitted diseases, to ensure your baby will face minimal risk. Such screening by the surrogacy agency should allay any fears you may have about the process.

5. The Agency Coordinates with Medical Providers

Besides the surrogacy agency, you will need the services of other medical providers. The surrogate mother will need to visit a clinic for her regular checkups. She will also use the services of a hospital for delivery. The agency will help in coordinating and linking you to the medical providers you need within your area. They also take steps to prepare you for the birth of the baby. Agencies facilitate your trip to the hospital, your stay there during delivery and your travel back home afterwards. They also ensure all the documents for the baby are in order. That makes work easy for you.

6. Agencies Offer Full-Service Support

At an agency, you get to work with a team of professionals from different fields. They each help you out with specific tasks. From doctors to lawyers and accountants, they all help you navigate the entire process effortlessly. At the end of your engagement with them, they would have sorted all the issues that would have troubled you. They also help in managing your accounts and finances, ensuring your surrogacy bills and expenses are paid in time.

7. An Agency Acts as a Mediator

Surrogacy involves different parties. Although it involves a legal contract, it is good to maintain good relations between all parties. Both the intended parents and the surrogate need to enjoy the journey. An agency facilitates this good relationship between the parties by ensuring each party plays their part as agreed. It coordinates all activities such as payments, medical appointments, travel arrangements as well as meetings with professionals. That ensures minimum friction between the intended parents and the surrogate.

Reputable agencies offer a range of services that would benefit intended parents. From finding a good match for a surrogate or an egg donor to providing counseling services, agencies help intended parents have a smooth process. They also help maintain good relations between the surrogate and the intended parents. Although their services come at a cost, they ease most of the burden that you would have born if you were to seek an independent approach. Open Arms Surrogacy is your choice surrogacy agency when it comes to covering all of your needs with expert care and top notch support. Contact us today to learn more.


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