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In a harrowing story wherein Intended Parents used a Mexican surrogacy agency in an attempt to save money, Sam and Laura Kaitz have finally brought their baby to the United States. In what started smoothly, once the baby arrived, the Mexican court system delayed the couple’s ability to bring their child home on time, and even said that it could be up to a year before they would be able to do so.

After multiple failed attempts at finding help, the couple finally stumbled upon a prestigious New York City surrogacy agency where the Founder, Dr. Levine, intervened. With his help as well as gaining press attention, and great help from Mr. Kaitz’ mother, the Kaitz’s beautiful baby boy Simon is now home safe with his family in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, these stories are not unique as many parents strive to start a family but do not fully understand the importance of choosing a safe, established and expert agency such as Open Arms Surrogacy. We can’t imagine the fear this couple must have experienced and are beyond relieved that baby Simon is home, safe, and sound. Read more about the full story here.


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