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Finding the right way to explain to a loved one after you discover that you’re infertile can be difficult. Infertility can cause strain on relationships and internal mental damage, especially if handled alone. Reaching out to someone close and telling them how you feel is the first step in healing, but doing so can be difficult. A surrogacy agency may be in your plans, so speaking to family is crucial.

Staying close with the people you love through these difficult times can mean much more to you than you might think and it can be much easier than you think as well. A loved one might not have all of the answers you’re looking for, but can still be a shoulder to lean on or a great person to confide in. You might feel isolated and alone, but you don’t have to. Read on to find out how to talk about infertility with your loved ones.

Reach out and start the conversation

The first step towards healing and growth after you find out about your infertility is reaching out to a loved one for help and starting the conversation. Whether it is your partner or a close family member, you have to make the first contact and tell them what’s going through your mind. It’s easy to get caught up in your own loneliness and grief if you don’t initiate the healing process yourself by reaching out to a loved one for help. Yes, starting these conversations can be tough, but have to be. A simple text message or phone call can get the ball rolling in the right direction toward healing.You might not feel as though this first step should come immediately after you find out you’re infertile. That is completely alright and up to you. It should come when you feel ready. However, the sooner you reach out for help, the quicker the help can arrive. It’s an important first step if you are considering a surrogacy agency.

Embrace the support

Once you’ve reached out to a loved one for help, embracing the help, love and support that person gives you is the next step. This step might seem simple, but it can be one of the more difficult ones for many reasons. You might not be in a stable mental mindset and are pushing other people away because you feel as though this burden is yours to deal with alone. This is not the right way to think. Sharing your journey and attempt to become pregnant is part of the healing process. Letting your loved ones into your life and telling them how much this means to you isn’t opening the door for judgment, but it is opening it for love and healing. You have to be able to accept that your loved one, or loved ones, who you talk about this with only wants the best for you and wants to be there for you. A great surrogacy agency like Open Arms can also help support you during this time.Understand that it gets easier

Talking about your struggles with infertility to others gets easier over time the more you do it. Understanding that in the beginning it can be difficult, but knowing it will get easier as you grow will help to accelerate the time it will take you to open up and really tell your loved ones how you feel. However, be sure that you tell the people you deem close to you only the things that you’re comfortable with. You can slowly work your way into more specific details once you become more comfortable with the entire situation. Only you can determine when the time is right to give more details about what’s going on.Once you initially tell someone how you feel, then it will flow out of you easier and before you know it, you will begin to feel better about the entire situation and heal. Remember, your loved ones are there to help you heal and provide comfort when going through this. You are in safe hands and the more you are able to talk about it, the better.

Consider the feelings of your partner

Discovering that you’re infertile can bring on a number of emotions and thoughts that might leave you feeling like you’re in this situation alone. If you have a partner who is invested in your infertility, it is crucial to consider his or her feelings about facing infertility when you decide to start discussing it with loved ones. Taking your partner’s feelings into consideration about when to come out and tell people about it is important because he or she might only want a certain number of people to know or might need comforting as well. Depending on who your partner is, it’s likely that he or she will be the first person you open up to about your infertility. You and your partner can discuss options and feelings with each other, or even attend counseling sessions to help. Your partner will be an instrumental part of your surrogacy agency journey, if that is the route you choose together.Choose a good time and place

Deciding on a good time and place to come out about your infertility is a very important step in the process. It’s probably not the best idea to let everyone in your family know about something like this during Christmas dinner. Depending on the dynamics of your family and close friends, choosing the right time and place will be entirely up to you. However, you will have to expect that some questions will be asked by the people you tell so make sure that the occasion you choose is one that you’re able to effectively handle these questions the best way you can. Another important detail about choosing a time and place is making sure you’re comfortable wherever it is. If you choose a setting where you’re already not feeling your best, it’ll make telling others about your infertility even harder. Make sure it’s somewhere that you feel relaxed and calm at.When it comes to talking to loved ones about your infertility, only you can decide the right way to do it. As long as you’re comfortable with how you tell it, who you tell it to and where you tell it, it will promote an environment for healing and support. Open Arms is a premier surrogacy agency that can help you during this time. Contact us today.


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