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Since the very first successful gestational surrogacy in 1985, surrogacy has become a beacon of hope for men and women who cannot conceive easily or naturally. Surrogacy rates continue to rise as fertility struggles become more openly discussed. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of gestational carrier cycles rose nearly 500% between 1999 and 2013.

Though surrogacy began as a way to help married couples and single women grow their families, it has now become an important tool for single men as well. Just like unattached women, many men feel their biological clocks ticking and don’t want to wait to start having children.

How a Single Man Uses Surrogacy to Have Children

Having biological children as a single man isn’t a quick or simple route, but for many men eager to have their own family, the journey is entirely worth it. The first step involves securing healthy eggs using an anonymous egg donor, then using those eggs with the intended father’s sperm to create embryos. The second step is finding the right surrogate mother to undergo IVF using the embryos and carry and deliver the baby.

A Growing Trend Around the Country

Though women have long been viewed as primary caretakers, single men continue to disprove that stereotype. With steady careers, financial stability, and great support systems, more single men want to experience the joys of raising a family as well. This idea continues to become more mainstream, encouraging other single men to build their families before finding a life partner.

Support For Single Dads in the Surrogacy Community

Having biological children through egg donation and surrogacy is a thrilling and rewarding experience, especially with help from the right support systems. Single men hoping to build their families can turn to local resources to make their journeys as smooth as possible.

Men Having Babies, for example, offers unbiased surrogacy parenting advice and support for gay men around the world. With surrogacy workshops, seminars, and forums, Men Having Babies is dedicated to providing the information that intended fathers need. This organization also offers a range of financial assistance programs to make the surrogacy process more affordable, including discounted and free services donated by more than fifty leading IVF, surrogacy, egg donation, and legal service providers.

Working with a compassionate, responsive, and experienced surrogacy agency can also make all the difference in a single father’s journey to having children. This is why Open Arms Surrogacy and Egg Donation guides intended fathers through the complex world of assisted reproduction. Call (941) 229-8572 now to learn more about the Florida surrogacy and egg donation services offered by the experts at Open Arms.


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