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Surrogates: What can your agency do for you?

By June 25, 2009No Comments

Many women who are looking to be surrogates sometimes attempt to find their match independently. Although, for some, it works out quite well and everyone is satisfied with their relationship but, for many others, they find themselves lost and confused and, frankly, put into a situation where they have to read sad story after impossible situation. Honestly it can be a heart wrenching experience. An agency has already prescreened all of their Intended Parents. They already know what the IP’s are looking for, what their requirements are and how much they have in their budget for the surrogacy process. Once that same information is gathered from the surrogate, then the matching process can begin. Often surrogates don’t need to learn about more then one or two IP cases before they are matched through an agency. All of the leg work is done for both parties by the case manager. Once the actual match is made, the agency can assist with the challenges of contract issues, help with travel arrangements, and relationship questions to name just a few. The agency should be available to share in the journey and support everyone involved.

Agency owners and their staff have been touched by infertility one way or another and often have personal experiences to share. They have assisted several couples and surrogates through the process and can guide you through the many responsibilities that a surrogate is required to fulfill. Call several agency’s and see which one fits in with your expectations. You might be very surprised at who you end up talking with on the other end of the line!


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