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The lengthy process of surrogacy, which can last
anywhere from 14 to 20 months –
or in some cases more – all leads up to the hours spent in the delivery room
when the surrogate mother is finally able to give the intended parents a child
of their own. Given the unique circumstances of a surrogate birth, the delivery
day is sweet and memorable in its own distinct way. Whether you are the surrogate
mother, intended parents, or a loved one eager for a simple and healthy birth,
here is what you should know.
Lines of Communication Open

Any successful undertaking begins with diligent
planning, which requires clear and consistent communication. It’s important to
keep the wishes of the surrogate mother and intended parents balanced, much of
which will have been worked out in the contract months earlier.

Intended parents should clearly define which portions
of the birth they would like to watch, along with the roles they hope to play
during the birth. Similarly, the surrogate mother should express what she is
comfortable with and who else she might like present in the delivery room. The
more that can be established before the surrogate mother goes into labor, the
better. As emotions swirl and the miracle of childbirth occurs, it’s comforting
to know that the ground rules have already been established.  
the Bond

The surrogacy journey is an indescribable emotional
investment for the surrogate mother and intended parents alike, and with so
much emotion running rampant in the delivery room, a close bond often forms.
Many surrogate mothers share stories of their intended parents offering
incredible support during the baby’s delivery. This unique, once-in-a-lifetime
bond helps make the delivery process more fulfilling for everyone involved.
What Comes After Birth  
After birth, the intended parents have received the
absolutely miraculous gift of their own baby, while the surrogate mother begins
her recovery process and adjusts to life after surrogacy. There’s no right or wrong
way to feel after the birth, but it’s always essential to stay honest with your
support system and ask for help when it’s needed.
It’s vital that both parties have a mutual
understanding of what will occur after the birth. Is everyone okay with the surrogate
mother holding the baby before saying a final goodbye?
This is something we encourage so that there is closure for the surrogate mother.
Will there be any communication in the following years, to share how the baby
is growing? Planning these emotionally-invested choices early on can help the
post-delivery process run smoothly.
Surrogacy agencies work tirelessly to ensure a
positive and constructive match between surrogate mother and intended parents
so that all parties can enjoy a joyful, exciting, and extraordinary birth.


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