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If you’re a pregnant surrogate, you’ll need to exercise caution and avoid activities like contact sports and other activities that could potentially lead to falling. Does being a pregnant surrogate mean that your workout schedule has to suffer? There are safe workouts you can do while you’re pregnant that will benefit both you and the baby. These effective exercises can be performed to stay fit, but you must run them by a doctor first to make sure that it is alright to proceed with them. There are a ton of great benefits to exercising like maintaining your fitness for childbearing, and reducing stress while relieving lower back discomfort. You should try a variety of exercises to keep your body in as little discomfort as possible. Read on to find out what exercises and workouts are safest for pregnant surrogates.


Swimming is a great workout for pregnant surrogates because the water in a pool is a really safe environment with an extremely low risk for injury or falling. Also, since swimming is an immersive sport that forces your entire body to work both aerobically and anaerobically, it’s a great source of exercise for any surrogate woman. If you are a strong swimmer and you like swimming laps, you should go for it without straining yourself. If you’re not so strong of a swimmer, simply walking laps in the pool will provide exercise and force your entire body to work on fighting the water. The great thing about swimming is that even if you fall in the water, you most likely won’t get hurt. When learning how to become a surrogate, knowing how to exercise safely is key.

Stationary Cycling

Stationary cycling is perfect because the risk of falling is almost none and the cardio benefits of cycling are tremendous. Besides getting a great cardio workout, stationary cycling is almost entirely safe. No need to worry about falling or physical contact. Don’t push yourself too hard, a great session on the stationary bike only needs to be an hour or less.


Walking is the perfect exercise for any pregnant surrogate, especially if you want to get outside. A simple walk around the local park is a great way to raise your heart rate and strengthen your legs while getting some fresh air and enjoying nature. Walking isn’t hard on the knees and is relatively safe because you can walk at your own pace. Learning more about how to become a surrogate entails knowing what activities are safe.Make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard when you’re taking your walks. A couple of miles is more than enough to get a sufficient workout in when you’re pregnant. Just take it one step at a time and the occasional walk can turn into a very fun and healthy activity.

Wall Push-ups

Moving away from cardio workouts and more into strength training, push-ups are a great workout for pregnant surrogates looking to enhance strength. Push-ups will help to strengthen your arm muscles and chest muscles while also toning your shoulders. One great thing about doing push-ups is that they can be done against a wall to give your belly the extra space it needs. Wall push-ups can keep your upper body toned and strong while you’re pregnant. Like any of the other exercises, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard when you’re doing push-ups. If you can only do a few, that is completely fine. Do what makes you feel best, but be sure not to strain yourself. When discovering how to become a surrogate you’ll find your routine is not greatly disrupted.

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are another weight training activity that can keep the body toned and strong while you’re a pregnant surrogate. Specifically, bicep curls will keep your arms looking great. Don’t strain yourself to hard, use a low weight and bring the dumbbell up from your hip to your chest. Doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions will be perfect for keeping your arms in shape while also building some muscle. This workout is perfect because it’s really safe and can help keep your arms toned.


Doing yoga is a perfect workout for any fitness routine for a wide variety of reasons. It can reduce stress, increase flexibility and strengthen your body. Yoga consists of different stretches and poses that will help build strength and endurance which is perfect for a pregnant surrogate who will be going into labor in the coming months. There are yoga classes that are specifically made for pregnant women. You might consider joining one of these classes because the poses and stretches in that class will be tailored to fit a pregnant woman and reduce the risk of falling or any accidents that could happen. In general, yoga is a safe exercise and very low impact, but if you can find a prenatal yoga class, don’t hesitate to sign up. If you’re learning about how to become a surrogate you will find meditative activities such as yoga are key.


Pilates is another great workout for anyone looking to workout while pregnant. Like yoga, there are a ton of pilates classes specifically designed for pregnant women and can really help with strength and endurance. Pilates is a very safe exercise and specific Pilates exercises can be used to help pregnant women.


Stretching might not seem important, but it’s crucial in warming up and preparing for any workout or exercise you have planned. If you don’t stretch, you could pull a stiff muscle, sprain an ankle or cramp up. None of these are ideal for a pregnant surrogate.One beneficial stretch that can really help you to loosen up before a workout are neck rotations. Neck rotations loosen up the entire neck and prepare it for any activity you have planned. Rolling your head slowly in a circle first clockwise then counter-clockwise can really benefit your neck and loosen it up.

Ankle rotations are another important stretch before doing any exercise. Rolling or twisting an ankle could lead to falling which isn’t good. Doing some simple and slow ankle rotations by rolling your feet in both directions can really loosen this area up and prepare it for that walk you plan on taking soon. The more you learn about how to become a surrogate to more you will understand the safety measures for carrying a child, and helping dreams come true.


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