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We recently read an article and posted it some of you may have seen it. The topic was on a recent breakthrough with lab mice showing that they may now have the ability to create human ova. It is done by taking tissue from the ovary, “culturing” it so it reproduces cells and then divides those cells thus creating what they believe is a woman’s human ova. Researcher Jonathan Tilly explains: “And we could start with perhaps one hundred cells, and over several months’ time take those one hundred cells and make hundreds of thousands of cells. And interestingly, we noticed that these cells would spontaneously generate immature eggs, all on their own, in these cultures.”

WOW creating human eggs…this raises the question how far is too far? I mean granted this could give women who no longer produce eggs the ability to produce more thus allowing them to possibly become pregnant at an older age but where is the line?

Whatever you believe science is vastly advancing and the IVF field is no exception to this. If you would like to read about the article you can here.

On another note, this month we celebrate St. Patty’s Day…from all us we hope it’s a fun one!


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