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a surrogate mother who will help you start your family is probably the most
exciting and daunting decision you’re likely to make. Even if your surrogate is
a beloved friend or relative, there are still lots of questions, some
uncomfortable, you need to consider.
Arms can provide you with the guidance you need in deciding who will take on
this important role.
to become a Surrogate Mother
At Open Arms we have a set of minimum
requirements for our surrogate mothers. Each woman must meet these guidelines
before she can enter the program and be matched with intended parents.

  • The
    woman is at least 21 years old.
  • She
    has had at least one live, healthy birth and is raising that child
  • She
    understands the rigors of pregnancy, including medical issues and emotions
    surrounding pregnancy and childbirth
  • She
    has passed psychological screenings with one or more mental health
    professionals skilled in surrogacy issues.
  • She
    will sign, and is capable of understanding, a legal contract spelling out her
    responsibilities for prenatal care, communicating with the intended parents,
    and relinquishing the baby or babies after birth 

have additional qualifying guidelines for women who want to apply to our
program as well. They include health status, a crime-free record, proof of
citizenship or legal residence in the US, and have a good support system. You
can review our full list of Surrogate
Other Surrogate Mother Characteristics to
are, of course, other things you need to consider when choosing a surrogate
mother. Many intended parents choose to consider a potential candidate’s:
  • Education. Most parents-to-be
    appreciate someone who is a high school graduate. But there are many thoughtful
    GED holders who are raising healthy families and even own their own businesses.
    Some parents may hope for a surrogate with a college degree or some college
  •  Faith/Spirituality. We find that many
    surrogate mothers have a kind of inner peace that comes from their faith or
    spiritual beliefs. Many tell us this is part of the reason why they want to
    assist people with starting their own families.
  • Family health. Intended parents,
    particularly those who rely on a surrogate’s egg, often want to know the health
    status in a surrogate’s close biological family members as well as in the
    surrogate herself.
  • Lifestyle. Details about
    marriage, divorce, past recreational drug use, work history, and other
    lifestyles choices are also included.
you’re just starting to consider surrogacy or have given it some thought, we
urge you to discuss your feelings with skilled surrogacy consultants and
counselors. Give us a call at 941-741-4994 or fill out our short web
We’ll gladly contact you as soon as possible to discuss your questions or

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