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Intended Parents often come to their agency with a list of their perfect candidate. The longer the list the most likely the Intended Parents are going to be disappointed. Location, Religion, Race, First or Second time surrogate, married or single, base fee, thoughts on selective reduction and abortion, willingness to use frozen embryos or fresh cycles, the list goes on. Being realistic is very important when locating a woman to be a surrogate even with the just the health requirements to consider. There truly should be a list but it needs to be realistic and perhaps look a little like this:

** Health and Age Requirements as stated by the RE and Infertility Clinic

** Fits into the monetary budget of the Intended Parents

** Agrees with IP’s on selective reduction and abortion issues

** Is flexible, open minded, good communicator and organized

** Location: If local or can travel to the IP’s clinic and should live in a surrogate friendly state

Of course there are more items that could be added however these are the most common. If you change your wish list to something that looks a little bit like this one you will be matched faster and pregnant sooner especially if you put location last on your list.


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